Modor – NF1 – digital hardware synth (coming)

after a long rollout of almost analog or hybrid synths – there is also digital ones still on the move – upcoming DSP synth NF1 from Belgium – motherland of EBM and the µVentury or EEF.

looks like it has
4x ADSR with addition of 3 more parameters with initial Level, Decay1 Level and Time
12 dB/Oct filter(s)
formant filter
standard and „noisy“ waveforms
special FX with very special parameters (they say) and delay

they say:
With new noisy oscillator models, digital unusual filtering and special modulations. We spend our days trying new ideas, trimming wave creation algorithms, making mistakes and starting over again.

Audio Demos:
AttackStrings.mp3 Fast attack, slow comeback
NoisyChords.mp3 Noisy chord pad
NoisyChords2.mp3 Another noisy chord pad
ODFM.mp3 Overdriven FM kind of noise
RetroHoovers.mp3 Early 90’s Housy Theme
Vocals.mp3 A singing synth?
Arcade.mp3 Player 1 – Get Ready! 80’s arcade videogame music
Overdriven.mp3 Distorted kind of ‚303
VoxyStrings.mp3 Strings with a vocal character
AddyBlips.mp3 Love it or hate it, additive blips
GlassyFM.mp3 Glassy FM pad

modor nf1

Modor Music – A brand new line of hardware synths!.

darüber sprechen? Modor NF-1 – digitaler Hardware Synthesizer

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