Zed Physical Modeling with mic input iOS Synth

remember Patch Morpher? The interpolation tool for sound creation on hardware synths – here’s the first synth of JazzMan – which can listen to the microphone re-model it and use this as a synth waveform but can also just synthesize sounds from oscillators via filter and stuff – the GUI is nice – you can just move the whole user interface by swiping it – so you can see the structure, the physical model engine and resonantors, the “mallet” section, 2 OSCs, filter like this:
Zed Structure

added is sort of Clavia style mod input section that allows to control any parameter by just setting a range after picking one of the sources like velocity, one of 2 LFOs etc..
mod sources

2 lfos

the main source of importance are these:
the string box is the one picking up audio as well as resonating by itself .. the Mallet & Resonator are not drivers – but sort of “rooms” that will process the material in a typical physcial modeling real-time manner – means resonator (which is basically a construction of waveguide/delays) and mallet changes the “sustained” part, makes it more noisy or adds some aspects to the sounds that help to design the “sustain level” sound to stay with these “noises”..Zed762 Zed760

and the drivers are oscs..


you can listen to a demo here

OT warning: after all you might want to sample some ghosts, play them backwards to be used in this synth, go for this
Achja- gibts Ghostbusters in unseren Reihen? Hier ein ideales Gerät für die Aufnahme von Geisterstimmen, werden direkt rückwärts aufgenommen, damit das mit nataS besser klappt