Squarp Pyramid – Standalone Polyphonic Sequencer

this is a hardware sequencer that is basically sending things to
2x CV and Gate
and it saves on SD cards

TR707 style display

  • polyphonic
  • chords
  • 16 tracks
    64 bars max! – velocity not yet totally clear..

it is capable of euclidean polyrhythmic sequencing (want to know what that is?)
as well as step & realtime recording event data

here’s some aspects of the sequencer:
arper / harmonizer – how to play in realtime

it has some sort of chromatic sequencing concept that can be scrolled through and set 16 steps in

and some details..


to me the first video-seconds looks slightly like the cover of upstairs at eric’s by Yazoo

Live mode: improvise and record notes / automations with the transposable keys, the touchpad or with an external controller. Use the smartpads to play chord progressions, scales and repeated notes.

Pyramid CV connect

– Step mode: create and arrange rhythms / melodies with the full-real-time step-by-step sequencer. A step can be a note, a chord or a CC MIDI message.
+ euclidean graphic sequencer.

standard performance:
– Track mode: set, manage and control up to 16 tracks. Mute/unmute tracks on the fly, change in real-time the resolution, the length, the time signature, the midi channel.

– Seq mode: launch your sequences (a group of 16 tracks) on the fly or link them to each other to create a complete song.

Diskussion im Forum: Squarp Pyramid Sequencer mit MIDI und CV

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  1. […] Squarp Pyramid Sequencer – was shown to me at the booth – interesting concept since it is not referring that much to classical concepts – and it has some special things to offer – midi and cv included! that pad is a sensitive XY-Pad! you can apply “midi fx” like arpeggiator, roll/flam with zoom into and probability function to any track – each track can have it’s own signature (!) and length (!!) – it can also handle dynamics AND accent (double click the step keys/pads) – velocity is set before to be used in the next set – so the pads are not sensitive – 700€ – seems ok for the French new super interesting euclidean sequencer. […]

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