Patch Morpher Version 2 for Hardware Synths

Remember the Patch Morpher iPad App

there is a new Version up. Free those who already bought it. 

more Synths – the Blofeld, Pulse 2, DSI Morpho  is „in“ as well as the Virus TI ..

the Morph Sequences can be played on the Keyboard and CHAINED to be player as one 32 Step Sequence (how cool is this?). Adds Sequencer to the Prophet 12 (!)

Also Morph just one aspect like Tuning or Filter alone of multiple Patches!

Version 2 also introduces significant enhancements to the patch generation tool, allowing you to control each of the sections independently: Pitch, Tone, Filter, Envelopes, Effects etc. which gives you a lot more control over the sound. If you use this in conjunction with the „Nearest“ setting, you can effectively copy entire sections over from another patch and mix & match.

The full list of new features are:
– Support for 4 new synths: Access Virus TI, Waldorf Blofeld & Pulse 2, DSI Mopho
– Significantly enhanced patch generator with independent control of each parameter group, as well as many additional or refined options to control filter & effect types, filter routings, oscillators types etc.
– Auto-layout & locking of patches on the screen, so you can maximise your real-estate and don’t move things around during performance.
– Sharper graphics throughout to match each synth & performance improvements.
– Supports all the new features in the latest Prophet 12 OS, including the new step sequencer and the filters on the delay lines.
– Many user requests, such as the ability to play the keyboard to enter step-sequences on the DSI synths.


Prophet 12, King Korg, Prophet 8 & Shruthi-1 – Blofeld, Voyager and..

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