Patch Morpher for Hardware Synths on iPad

Patch Morpher  is a patch designing tool for these hardware synths by Richard Meyer:

– Moog Voyager
– Dave Smith Prophet 08
– Dave Smith Prophet 12
– Korg KingKorg
– Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1

it’s because you need to start somewhere. but what does it do?

Patch Morpher for iPad - Demo!

it designed to do multiple things – one of it is connecting parameters to one control and being able to move it and to get interpolating “ morphing changes like on the Clavia Nord Synths.

also it can convert Prophets from an important one to .. no from p8 to p12. and you can also save your sounds to the iPad as is – it’s NOT a librarian because it works „in between“. but since it has memory it is able to keep the patch. got the idea?

You can save individual patches to the iPad but also „Scenes“ which are like „meta-Patches“ with all the generator settings + 30 approx base patches to generate from.

The app is free so you can download it & test it: simply click the settings cog in the top right corner and pick the synth the you want to simulate & the GUI scheme.


also: randomizing and morphing parts that are important and DEFINED BY THE USER where to randomize certain amounts to get another cool bass sound or a variation of that interesting FM soundscape you did last night.

I don’t own any of the above – so I could not really test it but there will be more upcoming support for synths..

creatively find new sounds by starting from one or a set of another sounds.

and it looks like this – it’s free for download – but you need to buy your synth „engine“ _in app_ .

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