Midi Quest 11 – Edit your Hardware Synth – Win/64bit/OS X 10.9 – no more Sounddiver on OS9/OS X

TIME TO ABANDON SOUNDDIVER? YES . it’s long long dead within Apples Emagic (Logic) buyout.
so there was no more chance for very very new OS’es – but one guy is keeping it up …
so time to sell your old iBook if you keep it for Sounddiving.. right?

Midi Quest
. is the only left universal editor for MIDI Synths that support SysEx. So MIDI Quest is going next generation. Till now it was a Java tool to get all platforms working since it’s not performance you need – just organizing , editing and saving your sounds.

and they also moved the GUI to another level as well and controlled via APP and VST/AU via OSC (Lemur, TouchOSC), so this is sort of integration and that PlugIn Style approach brings in patch names of your hardware synths to the DAW:

also it adds Mixing Remote Support via NRPN MIDI Messages for Hardware Controllers. They also offer to have the Patch Names into your DAW like Sounddiver had back then. and there is randomizers and generators – not yet morphing like patch morpher but it’s nice. so this one gets closer being a replacement to SD on current OS computers of today.

3 Versions a bit less expensive …
• 280€ – AU/VST support full version
• 190€ – MIDI full version without AU/VST stuff but full editing of all sounds and managing them
• 112€ –  the librarian,  but managing sounds and organizingIt includes all of the editors. Essentials just doesn’t include all of the multi-instrument management capabilities of the standard version of Midi Quest.

sounds fair, huh? no longer 500€ or so.. maybe drop my old SD and ibook then? maybe I get the mid one for selling it?

MIDIquest geht in die nächste Generation, denn jetzt ist 64bit und aktuelle Windows und OS X Versionen (10.9, Win8.1) auch mit im Boot. Es gibt nun etwa den Umfang den Sounddiver auch bot. Zumindest generell. Damit ergeben sich Möglichkeiten, nicht mehr an ALTEM festhalten zu müssen für Edits (Sounddiver läuft auf OS X ohnehin nicht stabil und von Apple kann man nicht erwarten etwas für MIDI zu bringen, werden sie nicht).. Hier eine kleine Forumsrunde dazu: Soundquest – Midi Quest XL – Sammelthread