Cybersound Modular Synthesizer – Workshop

a new Dotcom-Style/Moog size Modular will be shown soon..

4x VCO 
4x Filter (1x Moog, 1x Arp 2600, 1x Steiner Parker, 1x EMS) 
4x Hüllkurve 
2x LFO
1x Quadrature LFO
1x Noise / Sample & Hold
2x Ringmodulator
1x Multiple
2x AC/DC Mixer
4x VCA
1x Saw Animator
1x Federhall
1x 4-fach Panning Mixer

Ein neues Modulsystem namens Cybersound von Christian Fischer wird am 7.12.2013 am Bodensee gezeigt werden.

Nach 7 Monaten und 2 Jahren Planung ist das 4stimmige System nun da.

Cybersound Modular Synthesizer Workshop.


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One Thought to “Cybersound Modular Synthesizer – Workshop”

  1. The great sounding, well handcrafted Cybersound Modular Synthesizer by the upcoming engineer Christian Fischer is unique and very interesting even not only for electro music style.
    Looks like Korg, Moog and Doepfer may get a keen new born competitor from Germany!
    Well done.

    We are thankful and proud to be the first musicians using this versatile analog synthesizer as tremendous saw bass machine:

    It´s the Xmas song 2013 by SNGoffiziell and friends.

    #Mahlzeit #cybersound modular

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