little word about moog again..

well, moog got their „panel cheeks“ online atm, they changed a bit since bob is no longer on earth..
it looks quite like they changed to a special design, that might remind of those deisgns of minimoog..
lets wait for the final real pics.. there are nice rumours around..

the biggest question is: what philosophy will behind it? still moog?.. check moogmusic from time to time.. best on the 29th odf march..

the panels shown there look very much like a „fixed“ minimoog kind of style, it will have a „dial“ kind of knob.. well, it will not be another „moog source“.. but …

here’s a nice fake ,stolen from matrixsynth
but the panel shape looks like this kind of style.. well.. dial? panels? = moog source? hmm.. maybe it is a simplified v’ger or a simpler one or a moog in atc (sudio electronics) style, since it has a dial with LEDs (clavia nl3 / g2 like..)

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