Matrixsynth: Why a Moog Sounds like a Moog

hey, this is again from Kevin Lightner, the link leads you to Matrix, who posted an interesting scan of moog oscs Matrixsynth: Why a Moog Sounds like a Moog

the conclusion seems to be: moogs sound so well because they aren’t really well designed, there is a drift – I could re-check that on another moog to confirm it, but I do not think Kevin could be wrong..

the warmth comes from jittering , means: in fact it ia a bit like PWM but unwanted , so it is bigger..

it’s still the old story: Analogue Synthesizers do not really work exact, they often do not have perfect waveshapes (mathematics!!) and they do have drift and noise.. do we see pwm style emulations on the next VA generation? there is still no emulation around that really SOUNDS like the original..

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