MCS70 Synthesizer by Mario „Crumar“ Maggi in Automat italo disco video

Pöbelmacker #12 « ACK! ACK! ACK!. zeigt das Bild eines interessanten Prototyps eines nicht gebauten Synthesizer vom italienischen Synthesizer-Designer Mario Maggi  (unter anderem Crumar) – Dieser Synth kommt im Video von Automat vor (1977), ..

This is a proto of the never produced MCS70 synth by the Italian Mr.Synth (Mario Maggi) of those days – this article is referring to a band called Automat – who played „italo“ style of electronic music which is now much more popular than those days („plastic disco“) – want to listen? here it is – incl. the image of this synth..

MCS70 synthesizer

im Forum..


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