Messe 2006 Videos..

ok, after releasing the images.. here’s some videos batch :
all links lead to another messe video.. this is just a simple digicam – not really a report.. see this as an impression of the messe.. if you want more info just check the messe info and search for the product on ;)

strange sounds from the wretch by metasonix (coming soon in the database)
there are lots of tubes in it and it screeeems

the vinyl cutter.. from

Here’s jörg at the radikal spectralis.

and sequentix (Colin Frasers) very fine P3 Sequencer.. (ok, this vid does not say much.. I know) ;)

meanwhile some chinese faders are moving..

at MFB you can do VJing with only 2 little boxes.. (the flashing comes from the different sync signals, so the original has no flashing..)

Jürgen at the Jomox booth demonostrating the new Xbase999.. with filters.. just an overview not really something to listen to..

Same thing.. just an overview showing the cwejman modules (all pics etc scroll down and see r check the database select cwejman and type modular in the DB search field in the upper right of ..)..

lemur (jazzmutant) had some video up, also just an impression.. just nice. I just like „video jaying“..

the livewire and plan B modules by EAR..

very nice performance at ableton live.. kid beyond.

thats it.. and still keep in mind: it’s just an impression, no sonicstate-interview ;)
some may be kept and placed into the database.. others will be kept as long as there is interest.. *G*

images are here and even more are here and some by jörg are here

and new link pics by chrisA are here

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