Midi Switch Array

Here’s a Midi Switch

midi switch


  • MIDI-controlled patching of analog or circuit bent instruments
  • MIDI triggering of electrical or electromechanical devices


  • 8 independent switch circuits triggered by MIDI Note-On and Note-Off messages
  • User-selected MIDI channel and note range
  • Dual MIDI THRU ports
  • Operates on 7.5-12 VDC from batteries or wall adapter (not included)
  • Regulated 5 VDC output for powering additional circuitry
  • Measures only 3.0″ x 2.9″ (76mm x 73mm)
  • Optional screw clamp terminals for easy external wiring
  • Behavior customization is available. The MSA can be programmed to respond to any type of MIDI message. Send email for information about custom programming.

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