Morte et Dabo on GRP A4 Synth

just watch – she’s relaxed …


Another session featuring the mighty GRP A4 and the famous coat from Kazakhstan ;-)
This time inspired by (and named after) a patch of the Spectrasonics Omnisphere Synth. Sequences are done using the GRP A4 and a Doepfer Dark Time with a Roland JD 800 and a Korg Wavestation VST. The Leadsound is provided by Arturias Minimoog, the strings by G-Force M-Tron and another Omnisphere. The organ is a GSI VB3. All VSTs are running on Brainspwn Forte 3, VST-Host. The groove pattern is created by a Korg Triton. Ambient Sounds are by Omnisphere and HalionSonic. Noises are produced using the modulation capabilities of the GRP (Filter Modulations by VCO and LFO and S&H, 24db LP and 12db HP). 

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