Mungo generates algorithmic Dance Music

The instant Trance Generator (does it still exist?) how about this one..

it’s a lot of tradition in electronic dance music, so why not automate it?

Onboard there are 5 sequencer channels:

  • Chord This forms the base from which all the other sequencers derive their notes.
  • Lead 1 The most complex of the channels, it is capable of generating different length patterns and variations on loops of the pattern.
  • Lead 2 Based loosely on Roland’s (uintentionally) hugely influential TB-303 sequencer, ties and slides included. Especially effective combined with legato and/or portamento voicing.
  • Bass 1 The most simple of the channels, it was the basis for and shares all of its code with Lead 1.
  • Bass 2 Similar to Lead 2 but biased specifically for basslines.

triggered by sendling

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