Namm Show 2011 – New Fairlight Demos

Namm Show 2011 – Fairlight New. nice long demo – very sympathic demo to a possibly well known italian face, thanks guys fo sharing it..

listen to some very well known sounds in here as well.

here’s the waveforms in „3D“, a piano classic sound and more – just to enjoy the old times…

wonder why the big „CRT“ style and the old menu style but sure this re-creates what we know about this – nice to have this as a software, in’nt? 100 will be made, based on HP PC btw. this time.

and finally a demo of the iPad App is also up in the webosphere..
it’s $49 and will be available in feb 2011, the sound will be slightly different, a bit less quirky (thats the word Peter Vogel used) because of the iPads Audio Hardware (of course), so this is a must have I guess. Look at the Waveform when the iPad is tilted and moved around – isn’t that cute?

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