New Sequencer.. uhm Pattern Generator by COTK

Club of the Knobs plans a new Sequencer, looks very much like quantized and a bit different from the classic one.

and Georg Mahr joins the COTK Team – Und: Georg „der berüüühmte Erfinder“ Mahr ist nun auch dabei.

Zitat von der Site / Quoted from the Site:

This is his module’s description:

– Tired of endless boring 8/12/16 note sequences with no variation?
– Tired of not being able to change sequencer settings during performance?

These problems belong to the past with the SEQUION !

The SEQUION can be described as an algirithmic note pattern generator. It can create anything from a single note to a whole arpeggio-like sequence of notes and always keeps it’s musical scale. The output is „controllable unpredictable“ and is delivered as CV/gate. No matter if you are familiar with music scores or not – the SEQUION will allow you to produce the most impressing patterns – from dinner music to complete chaos. The main controls are „QUANTIFIERS“ rather than steps. The quantifier sets a weight for one of the existing 12 semitones. Therefore the quantifiers are labelled „C“ to „B“ – which is only for better orientation. The probably played note depends on quantifier mix. With a more turned-on quantifier, this note is more probable to be chosen. This is like playing dice – and you change the number of sides and the arrangement of numbers on it. If you turn on the C and the G to 50% setting, the dice consists of 50% C’s and 50% G’s – so it’s 50/50 between these notes. When you increase the G to (let’s say) 75% – you produce more G’s than C’s. In this way you can produce a mixture of notes, which may belong to a known chord – for example C Major. With every CLOCK at the input, a note is produced in dependency the DENSITY knob. This reduces the occurence of notes from 100% to 0% – and produces „rhythmic holes“.

As said before, there are 12 quantifiers for 12 semitones. It would be very boring to stay in a range of 1 octave. Therefore you have additional controls like WIDTH, SLOPE and SHIFT. The minimum range is one octave, but can be extended upto 5 octaves. In a range greater than 1 octave, the quantifier settings are repeated for every C, D, E etc. If you prefer to stay (mainly) in the lower range, you can determine this with the SLOPE. This would behave like a lowpass filter with a falling drawn line from top left over the whole range to the level set with SLOPE. SLOPE to 100% means equal weight for all notes. The SHIFT pushes the chosen range higher WITHOUT changing the musical scale. This not a transpose! The TRANSPOSE does this instead and adds an offset to the outputted note from 0 – 12. ALL QUANTIFIERS and ALL CONTROLS can be externally fed with control voltage from 0-5V ! Also a LOCK switch is provided, which freezes the actual settings. All changes made now on the front panel take effect, after you UNLOCK the panel. Because of a built-in „UNLOCK-delay“, the settings change like x-fade within a few seconds!!

Facit: The SEQUION is not a sequencer, but a pattern generator with controlled random.

link via forum: News von CotK

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