Nord Keyboards – Clavia and Names? / Nord Electro 3

Clavia Nord Electro 3

Nord Keyboards Home.

Looks like Clavia is now called Nord Keyboards?.. At least the site – I assume it is because some guy can’t distinguish Clavia (manufacturer) and Nord (the product line). And no, Clavia will be listed here as Clavia, still.

Clavia Nord Electro 3

Btw: What would you think of an official discontinued product and this image on their site? G3 Samples rumours? Nobody knows. But looks nice..

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One Thought to “Nord Keyboards – Clavia and Names? / Nord Electro 3”

  1. Hans @ BestNordKeyboards

    It’s three years later, the site is still clavia [dot] se, but definitely it’s all been rebranded to nord now. The Electro 3 is such a magnificent thing of beauty though. The mellotron sounds are almost as real (if not better) than a real mellotron, and the customizability is simply amazing. Clavia also recently released the Electro 3 HP which basically offers the same thing with hammer action (weighted), which is a great plus for pianists like me.

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