OS Update Version 1.04K for Spectralis 1 and Spectralis 2 users…

These new Features and Fixes are new in 1.04 Radikal Spectralis subtractive / groovebox(2005)

Radikal Spectralis synthesizer

P Fix: Shift-State-LED sometimes reset on Mapping Changes
-P Mod: QuickSound now regular „Num Button Mode“ (no longer Overlay Function)
-P Fix: MiniKeyboard does not trigger Drums Part (bug introduced with Arpeggiator)
-P New: StepEdit, Function+10..13 selects resolution 1/12..1/32
-P Mod: Keys outside Transpose-Window forwarded to the Synth as usual
-P Mod: FX Edit Page removed from Song Menu
-P Mod: Mixer Modes can be left using EXIT
-P Mod: Pattern Transpose Re-Implemented. Transpose functionality is now a member
of the Part group and reachable using Shift+Play. Transpose mode is indicated
by a blinking PLAY Led. Transpose mapping is similar to the mini keybed:
Keys 1-12 allow up-transpose within one octave. Key 14 and 16 may transpose
by octaves down and up. A continuous led indicates transpose by a single octave,
blinking represents transpose by more than one octave. Key 15 reverts to the
nominal octave (not the note offset within the octave).
Please note that Key 13 represents a transpose by one octave which is interpreted
to be within the nominal octave so transposition Leds are still off. However,
Key 15 will reset such a transpose back to zero.
-Q New: Randomize uses number buttons to directly randomize a sound for a
specific part.
-Q Mod: Changed several Menu Titles
-Q Fix: Following Menus now displays Device (like OSC1-4) instead of Parameter Names (like 4xGlide):
– Glide-Menu
– VCO Pitchbend Range
– LFO Wave Menu
– LFO Modulation Depth
– LFO Rate Menu
– 24dB: Lin/Exp FM
– Multimode: Exp FM
-Q Mod: DSynth: Unisono/Detune removed from Menu for all Drum Parts
-Q Fix: Selecting Drums Part does not close DSP Wave Menu
-Q Mod: DSynth: Disabled LFO EG Submenu (for now)
-Q Mod: ASynth: Disabled VCO Fine Tune Modulation Menu (for now)
-R Mod: Randomize allows Selection of SubCategory and selective update of waveform/filter
-S Mod: Randomize Keep/Recall preserves SubCategory selection
-T Mod: Randomize uses Encoder 1-16 instead of Key 1-16 to directly randomize a Part
-T Mod: Mini Keyboard follows external Part Selection
-W Mod: Sequencer and digital Sound Engine stopped while USB is connected.
-Y Mod: Reworked Randomize Mode:
– Grouped with PartSelect/PartPlay
– Step-Encoder select Part (press) and Category (rotate)
– NumButtons select Part and randomizes a sound
– Last settings are saved in INI
-Z Mod: Groove-Edit Step/Accent+Num10..13 directly changes line resolution 1
-B Mod: Speedup on Channel Enable Ramp (faster Mute/Solo).
-B Fix: Rebuilt DSP Code for Spectralis1 (fixes USB unplug-detection).
-C Fix: Shift-Led sometimes remains lit after disconnecting USB.
-D New: Format and Factory-Image-Restore re-implemented for LBA Devices (CF-Flash)
-D Mod: All MIDI Controllers are explicitly reset on Stop, not only automated controllers.
-D Mod: Simultaneous Realtime Recording of up to 8 Controllers
-D Fix: Increased Command Timeout for SD-Cards, to get slower Types detected correctly.
-E New: MasterVolume displays current value on Turn&Push
-E New: MuteMode selectable per Part between Voice and Trigger (Motif-Menu and PartMute + ShiftNumButton)
-F Fix: Pending automated Controller will be reset on Pattern Swap.
-G Fix: Recorded depth of modulation on analog part is doubled.
-G Mod: Changed internal definition of Synth Parameters
-G Mod: Changed Naming in Target Selection Popup Menu for digital Parts
-H Mod: Huge rework to make recordable encoders happen, but this is still not finished yet. One effect will be noticeable though, that during recording most controls on the surface seem to be unresponsive, and the few already working (only within the hybrid synth) were reset when recording finishes. This is intended behaviour in that form, that encoders
should be recorded and no longer change the sound stored within the pattern.
-I Mod: Non-recordable encoders fall back to their default processing. Otherwise some required display encoders were also captured.
-I Fix: Recording Quantization defaults to 1/24
-J Fix: Sustain Pedal not working
-K Fix: Target Selection for Digital Parts displays ASyn2/ASyn3/DSyn1 instead of DSyn1/DSyn2/DSyn3
-K Mod: Default Reverse Point for empty Pattern is set to G8 (was C-3)
-K Fix: Relocated Mixer UI above Recording UI to allow FX Pages to be opened without abort recording.

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