OSXTools.com Hartmann resurrection? no , it’s a new company..

Stephan Bernsee has a new site and releases quite „hartmann’ish“ Products..


*  <nuke4all>  MIDI Remote Control Software  (commercial product)
* ReModellizer - Parameter Set Switch batch processor (freeware product)

are both tools of the recently dead company Hartmann Music (Neuron / Neuron VS).

Neuron on sequencer.de

please note this info from SB:

(I used to work for Prosoniq who licensed the Neuron synthesis technology to Hartmann) and the company OSXTools has no affiliation with Hartmann, nor will it be a successor of that company or provide any support for the Hartmann range of products.

I thought this might be useful information – btw. you can find a very active forum for user-to-user support for the Hartmann range of products at

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