Quicksilver Roland TB303 CPU upgrade – controllers, MIDI, everything..

Quicksilver 303 Introduction – let them explain to you that there is a piece of hardware that does what Covariant, Europa and LAMM do to Memorymoog and Jupiter 4 and 6 – adding Controllers – making it ready for studio use just like it was in 2012 ;)

new features explained in here


pattern saving via SysEx etc..

quoting the facts looks like this..
Social Entropy is releasing the Quicksilver 303 CPU Upgrade. Quicksilver 303 is a complete replacement CPU for the classic TB-303 BassLine Synthesizer. It uses a completely rewritten operating system that enhances and extends both pattern and track modes. All operations can be carried out while the sequencer continues playback. We have strived to maintain the classic feel of the sequencer, while removing the frustration.

Many features have been added to the operating system, with a focus on realtime performance and tweaking.

The sequencer engine supports standard step entry in pitch and time modes, while a new realtime record capability allows patterns to be entered live with the 303 keyboard or a MIDI controller. Editing of pattern information is now simple, with the ability to move forwards and backwards within a sequence while the pattern continues playback. A new chase LED makes it easy to visualize the location of notes in the pattern.

Functions like copy and paste, randomize, extend, rotate and reverse can be applied to pitch or time information independently. Patterns can be transposed in octaves or semitones in both pattern write and play modes. The transpose amount is stored with each pattern.

In pattern play mode, up to eight patterns can be chained for playback. A pattern restart and clock resync function makes sure that the music never stops during live performance!

The extended track mode allows for complete songs to be constructed using patterns. Each track step has settings for pattern transposition, multiple repeats or pattern chains.

Changing between modes can be performed without stopping the sequencer and all data is stored in EEPROM memory, eliminating the need for batteries.

Enhanced MIDI connectivity provides synchronization, sequencer input and output, as well as a new „MIDI Control Mode“ which allows the buttons of the TB-303 to be controlled remotely by any device that can send MIDI note messages. Full MIDI System Exclusive support means that pattern and track data to be dumped to external devices for backup or sharing.

USB connectivity is used for easy operating system upgrades.

The Quicksilver 303 is available for immediate purchase. Price for the base CPU is $275 USD, with free installation for a limited time.

For more information, please visit http://www.socialentropy.com/quicksilver

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