Rob Hordijk’s Audio Mangler Box Blippoo

Quite a time ago when I had a little synth expo (with the synthesizer-magazin) and Rob came by and showed me this little cool box „a perfect compagnion for your EMS he said – he’s right, it did a lot of nice modulations from LFO to ringmod or FM type of things, I had some time to tweak with a simple input signal (or nothing at all, don’t remember correctly)
–> – rob hordijk – Audio Mangler. Hmm, how do you call this kind of FX/Synth Box? I found it frresh and nice for getting strange sounds and – even stranger: some of them are really usable – not just a noise box (important!) – yes, it’s part of my mass uploading of older videos in my archives. I still have tons of nice footage which will be up sooner or later..

Rob Hordijk - Audio Mangler (Blipoo)

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  1. […] from Rob? see the Blippoo Audio Mangler, which has an interesting concept for noises as well.. AKPC_IDS += […]

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