Selling out the Warp / Glitch / Abstract Generation?

no, this is not against the fact it is there,Soniccouture puts some warp and abstract kind of sounds up.. Sonic State – News NAMM06: Soniccouture Release Abstrakt: Konkrete, Glitch Drums & Synthetic Percussion Library for Reason NN-XT, HALion, EXS24, Kontakt & Battery
it’s no problem to sell these sounds.. the first sign of the sellout of a genre is often the same question in sound for all to do that kind of music instantly.. maybe 10 years later the „scene“ will call the other stuff „old school“ and prefer the newer standard stuff ;) as always.. *G*

well.. wasn’t this about new structures and sounds.. fine slied and lofi plus mega-Hi-End in one – well from now on, there are soundsets for the grain-warp kind of abstract beats.. the best sign for learning: this is the next genre to be „sold out“ like ebm in the 90ies, gothic and dark and resulted in „future pop“ standard scheme .. so maybe we get lots of „IDM“ stuff for instant sound buyers..

the pre-ebm „electro“ style of music was a very creative scene .. this time it is not the center of creative electronic musicians but possibly one can make some money with it ..

just a word about genres and things.. imo it is the stnadard thing: 10 years after a genre got a name (glitch, IDM, warp whatever..) it gets into the „wheels of industry“.. ok, next one. lets try to get a name for the new music in the next time to make it sellable, too ;) *G*

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