Sonic State – NAMM Videos

ok, here are some videos: mc808 and Gmedia who seem not want to hide a new product.. the mc808 seems still have the same editor as the mc909, so no step edit in one go like on electribes etc.. find Radias Video here , too, Mono Evolver and soon some more I assume.. they are big and rich ,.. watch it.. I learned that an mc seems still be limited and its about 1100€ over here.. not to expensive.. but still not a live tool.. strange.. huh? I am still wondering why no1 every told them: step setting is no special feature, its standard since rs7000, dx200, electribes (all) etc.. it has 512MB ram, which is cool and a built in „recycle“ .. so it is a nice studio tool for sampling..

Sonic State – Videos

also up: Roland has videos up on mc808, Juno G, sh201 and VP550

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