Symbolic Sound Kyma: Products TauDemo

Hoooray, new Kyma stuff…

moprhing and warpalizing…
Symbolic Sound Kyma: Products TauDemo

List of features

In the Tau Editor you can:

* Time-align multiple files
* Match or transform the frequency, amplitude, and formant envelopes of files
* Morph across two, three or more sounds
* Record your real time transformations on disk for later editing
* Create an entire library of synthesis patches at the touch of a button (Galleries)
* Test the mix and morphing combinations in real time as you are editing
* Analyze a new sound by simply dragging it and dropping it into the editor
* Morph without time-smearing or „robotic“ comb filtering effects
* Edit with complete freedom, knowing that you have unlimited undos

kyma X3

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