Synlab Modular Synthesizer by Hofschneider @ Folkwang Essen ICEM

updates some pics from the ARP2500 offspring at the Folkfang School in Essen, Germany. thx to Elisabeth Szwarc I got some new images of the rarely shown modular synth in the SynthDB now..

ICEM computer music institute in Essen

Synlab Modularsystem Modular Synthesizer advanced sequencer – (C) synth DB.

SynLab Module SynLab Module synthesizer


BTW there is a short sound example from the gigantic SynLab analog-modular synthesizer (a ARP 2500 clone), built in 1978 by Hofschneider, Berlin for the ICEM-Institute. Lots of FM bleeps and blops… Synlab FM bits (mp3)

I say: This is not a clone, it’s a „mod“, so to speak.

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