Hard Mod Electronics presenting (analog) Matrix Synthesizer

Hard Mod Electronics are based in Mexico and just presented some images of an upcoming new device that looks interesting made of a Matrix – shown here (delivered by Ghielmetti, CH) they posted something about this thing coming up next – the real source synthi – sort of EMS inspired thing, so the matrix may play a role sooner or later in here.. ?   they also did a VL1 mod that looks totally nerdy and cool, like a heavily expanded synth with envelopes, echo, oscillators that are being controlled…

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The Hornet – EMS Synthi cloned

The HORNET is obviously a Synthi A but warped into todays components world – so the Matrix and Case is Ghielmetti and todays-stuff. But nevertheless it is hand made and still 5k€ by Derek Revell but made by some guy in Bremen / Germany. Looks nice, huh? Yes – it does. looks quite the same specs.. and with Sample and Hold. Filter with 18 and 24dB/Oct. seems located in germany – the land of golden synths.

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