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more analogue synthesizers from CH (switzerland)
TechnosaurusTechnosaurus Synth overview / überblick..
Technosaurus, Jürg Oldani producer of the well known Modulars also has 2 little machines on the market: the microcon 2 and the cyclodon (a nice little step sequencer) the structure of the cyclodon is this:
12 or 24dB/oct LPF with resonance of course, a simple envelope, an LFO with 2 waveforms (tri/pulse 50% duty cycle), all of them got mod knobs (LFO), there are models with midi and CV/gate control!
quite a lot for this size ;)) one of the highest quality sounds out of this box that is about the size of your hand ;)

swiss made,too

enlarge the picture / vergrössern! –>Effexon / a small FX machine..
it is a ringmodulator and FM mod (one VCO is built in) , EQ (parametric) x2, Overdrive
well, no photo here.. quite rare.. can’t really tell you more than those words on the site.. I think I listened to one on the messe 2003/4.. I’m getting old..

TS Cyclodon Sequencer
technosaurus cyclodon microcon sequencer synth

TS Microcon Synthesizer
technosaurus microcon 2
click image to enlarge..

technosaurus selector modular synthesizerthere are also moog-compatible modules avalable may 2003

fast envelopes, good and hi quality sound.

fm also sounds good on this system. the new modules will also have lin and expo FM! beside the „re-format“

also swiss made.. ;)

deutsche/british.. ANALOGE synthesizer / german distribution german/british and other synths.. vertrieb jomox, vermona, macbeth, mfb / fricke etc..

technosaurus selektor

technosaurus plan to make the modules fit into MOOG cabinets !!
now shown but.. it still SOUNDS!!!..
Here’s another view of the Technosaurus Selector System D along with an ARP2600 on top..

Pic from the Parallel Worlds studio, Greece“:

Technosaurus Selector Synthesizer
The Selector along with a big Doepfer Monster!
doepfer modular system in the middle

technosaurus system on the right..

thx for pic:
Pic from the Parallel Worlds studio, Greece“:

technosaurus doepfer synthesizer

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