Tim Thompson @ Y2K Loopfest – Space Palette Demo + Q&A for Loopers

Tim Thompson @ Y2K +1 Loopfest – Space Palette demo + Q&A before and after the demo/show. He’s exactly what Rick said..

for the nerds: had a little talk and if you’re interested in tech stuff, here’s the most important quote – if you’re more into the music and the fun of it – just watch the video:

I use KeyKit (see http://nosuch.com/keykit/ ) as the language for coding the music algorithms, it’s an interpreted programming language for MIDI realtime/algorithmic stuff that I wrote decades ago.  The Kinect code is written in C/C++, using Cinder (see http://libcinder.org/ ) as a base, though I don’t really use much of Cinder.  I use the libfreenect libraries for talking to the Kinect.  The graphics uses Processing (i.e. Java), doing OpenGL-based graphics.  I use OSC and JSON-over-TCP and MIDI for communicating between the 4 programs that are running : KeyKit, C/C++, Processing, and Plogue Bidule (which hosts the VST plugins).

the video from the Y2K+X Loopfest 2011, Santa Cruz/San Jose, USA

Tim Thompson @ Y2K Loopfest - Space Palette Demo + Q&A

this is a Microsoft Kinect based controller with software..

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful recording – without a doubt it’s the best all-in-one description *and* performance of the Space Palette. The intro at the beginning and extended discussion at the end (while breaking down the equipment) cover almost every aspect of my thinking about this instrument. Many many thanks for recording this and making it available!


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