Vote: English or Deutsch for Forum and Site? + English Forum added

it’s just a poll about the main language used here on this site and the forum, it shows me how many of you want and need which language (there’s only 2 options, so it’s not so hard).

the poll is here, you can vote even wothout login:

btw: Dictionary is now more logical / less chaotic (hope so)

ok, it is time to open the english section in the forum.. (see next post – the language poll – looks like some want it, so here it is.. ), since the whole site is bilangual, so if you want to help to establish the english section, just be welcome and register to the forum here on which can also be reached directly
since this site is international, why not opening the forum.. if you like it, it can grow..

it’s open now and polls and votes can be done without login, posting needs registration (you will be asked a strange question for spam protection, the answer is currently and obviously „synthesizer“ since automatic spambots do not answer to that question….) have fun!!

hope you don’t feel bad beside a well working german forum alongside, but if you post stuff the english section will and can grow..


hier will ich mal testen, welche Sprache du bevorzugst, es geht um diese Site und in zweiter Linie ums Forum, da es da bekanntlich weniger nichtdeutsche posts gibt und imho eine englische Sektion bisher eher nicht so erfolgreich war..

hier wählen ohne login sogar..

und: Das Dictionary/Synth WIKI/Wörterbuch ist jetzt logischer aufgebaut und daher weniger Chaos, auch designtechnisch für div. Brower.

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