Waldorf Patches by Boele Gerkes Waldorf Microwave XT Series

Here is what Boele sent to me: (use the back button on your browser to return)

Hi everybody!

Here are the details on the boele_gerkes.mid-file fpr Microwave XT Series:

I created 32 userwavetables. I experimentated a lot with the sample-convertion possibility in SoundDiver. You can create pretty sounding wavetables using short soundfiles into about 12 waves.

After done that you have to spread those waves over the wavetable. Lot of good listening is needed for that… J But you can get amazing results!

The upaw-thing can give nice waves too! Also very unpredictable (at least for me…) So I have to learn more about that. Just two wavetables are using it in this set.

The third method I used: Experimenting with the Romwaves! Endless possibilities with those too! Finally I created some RAM waves by altering Romwaves, drawing Ramwaves etc.

With those wavetables I created 32 sounds, which are also embedded in the midi-file.

I hope you like them! download?: here

They are in A001-A032. (The sounds with the SCD extension). The other sounds come from the factory 2000 set.

I really hope that other XT users are going to create wavetables too! And make them available! I feel like it is a HUGE bonus build into this great synth! But very underestimated!


097 Cosmos sample (10 waves)

098 Jen SX 1000 sample (11 waves)

099 Emu Loop Vox sample (12 waves)

100 Matrix string sample (12 waves)

101 Mellotron Choir sample (10 waves)

102 Mellotron String sample (10 waves)

103 Piano sample (9 waves)

104 Mellotron Flute sample (13 waves)

105 Emu stringlow sample (11 waves)

106 Piano sample (9 waves)

107 Emu string sample (11 waves)

108 Bass sample (11 waves)

109 Noise sample (10 waves)

110 Snare sample (10 waves)

111 Yamaha CP70 sample (12 waves)

112 Voice sample (10 waves)

113 Suling sample (11 waves)

114 upaw using Waveshaping

115 ROM waves (5 waves)

116 RAM waves (4 waves)

117 ROM waves (7 waves)

118 ROM and RAM waves (7 waves)

119 ROM and RAM waves (10 waves)

120 ROM waves (3 waves)

121 ROM and RAM wave (2)

122 ROM and RAM waves (4)

123 ROM waves (5)

124 ROM and RAM waves (3)

125 upaw wavetable using frequence modulation

126 ROM waves (6)

127 ROM and RAM waves (5)

128 upaw wavetable using Envelope mode

Mail: Boele Gerkes ..

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