why some people find more than others..

well, I was checking the find statistics and found „moogafuga“ or things like JX-305 along with SH 101 .. let me tell you why you did not find things this way..

1) if you try sh101 you’ll find the sh101 , you won’t find it with sh-101 or sh 101 or rohlandt zh111
2) moogerfooger should be spelled KORRREEEKTly , the search engine is still not intelligent..
3) do not search for long real questions like „Cubase Manual for hackers“.. if you think you’ll find that try cubase (well there is not so much about steinberg here.. I simply do not own it)

maybe it helps.. try very very few words and try the right spelling, if you are searching for a synthesizer by roland just click on „search all manufac.“ button and browse!! .. it’s easy!!

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