Wishes! manufacturers please read!

Dear Manufacturers, this is something very basic. it’s now about 10 years since virtual synthesizers came up, some sounds really good – other sounds very plastic – what bugs me is that strange plastic – silver – exciter-like sound that can not be switched of, there are a hand full of manufacturers that seem to stand for this kind of limitation (yes, it is a limitation!), I assume it’s caused by limiting the bandwidth for calculating the sound and after that: some kind of exciter re-generates the missing frequencies.. so I ask you: please bring back the full range plus some „esotheric“ ranges. it is NOT a question of DAC resoultion!! it is the algorithms..

there are quite some synth that do not range much beyond 8khz.. thats not cool.. that can’t be a real hardware problem..

please! come back to the sound! it may work on smaller DSPs or processors..
it is not about silly digital vs. analogue talks, it is about unsatifying sound! it is about that phasor-plastic-stardust that is always present.. I am really sick of it. since there are also digital synths, that sound quite good this should be fixed. it’s a bug – not a feature. how do you think about this? post in the forum or leave a comment here..

it’s NAMM 2006 now.. time for new generations of digital synths, time to stop bad sound quality first , then add more features..


what annoys ,too: there is a lot of newer music that is made of these limited sounds.. I want my ears back!!
do you feel the same?

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Hi, I’d like to buy a synth that has mp3-sound ;) *G*
btw: this is no talk about vintage or analog being „more cool“ , this is about sound.. I am the first one who will switch to synths that do NOT have that limits and beat xpanders and moog sonically.. please give us a chance!!

do you like pictures a nd drawings where some colours are missing only because they are expensive? no red , no blue.. and there is always everything wrapped in plastic.. I like plastic!!! but not this way . . and a real instrument is free in choice about that..

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