11.04.2009: Sommeil -- A Concert for Sleep, New Orleans/LA



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als einer der beteiligten Musiker habe ich das Vergnügen, Euch im Namen des Organisators -- Tanner Menard -- diese Info zu überbringen. Ich glaube zwar nicht, daß sich hier jemand auf den Weg nach New Orleans machen wird (hä-hä), aber da derzeit auch ein Livestream in Planung ist, empfiehlt es sich, diesen Termin im Hinterkopf zu halten. Hier etwas mehr Info:

"Tanner Menard, Antenna Gallery and Experimedia Records
presents Sommeil: Concert for Sleep, an international collaborative

Sommeil will be an all-night event beginning at 10:00 pm on Saturday,
April 11th, and ending on Sunday, April 12th, at 7:00 am. Participants
are asked to slowly fall asleep while live ambient and environmental
music is performed through the night by Tanner Menard.
Sommeil: Concert for Sleep will be Menard ’s reinterpretation of
the sleep oncert experiment, first created by Robert Rich in 1982
and will be presented at the Antenna Gallery, 3161 Burgundy
St., New Orleans, LA 70117, in he heart of the St Claude Arts
District. The concert will be realized with Rich ’s permission and
guidance. Sleep concerts are all-night events in which the audience
is asked to attend the concert with a sleeping bag and pillow
and to fall asleep while slowly unfolding sonic texture evolves
over he course of the night and into the morning. People attending
the event are asked to be willing to sleep during the event or
at least to remain silent during the course of the nine hour experience.
Not merely a recreation of Rich ’s original idea, Sommeil is
a conceptual, global remix of a performance type that addresses
one of the most basic functionalities of ambient and environmental sound;
music by which to sleep.
In the spirit of remix and the Creative Commons movement, Me-
nard, Louisiana native, has compiled submissions of audio material for the
concert from nearly seventy artists across the globe.
These artists answered a call for submissions marketed online by
Experimedia Records which asked for music and field recordings
to be used, remixed and mashed up during this nocturnal event.
Submissions include drones, found sound, recordings of natural
and unnatural environments and synthetic music created on synthesizers
and computers. Submitters have included radio scientists, geologists, psychologists,
sound artists, musicians, composers, installation artists as well as several well-known
figures in the ambient music scene. During the course of the evening,
Menard will remix these sleep submissions into a constantly evolving
sonic texture that will lull the audience to sleep. Quad-channel
surround sound system will be provided by Piety St Studios for
maximum sonic enhancement of the sleep space and ambient
video lighting will be provided in the form of a video loop by the
internationally acclaimed VJ HIKA. Experimedia Records has
generously agreed to release multiple out takes from this concert
on its internet label under a free Creative Commons license.
Sommeil: Concert for Sleep will be nine hours of uninterrupted
music beginning at 10:00 pm on Saturday April 11th and ending
at 7:00 am on Sunday April 12th at Antenna Gallery . Tickets to
the evening event will be $15 and will include a light breakfast
at waking time. During the day of April 11th Antenna Gallery
will be opening the space to allow people who do not wish to
sleep through the night to hear the original submissions from the
international community of artists. We are asking $5 per hour to
experience the meditative environment of the sleep space and $3
per half an hour from noon to 9:00 pm on Saturday April 11th.
At 6 pm we will also be participating in the St Claude Gallery
Opening that falls on the second Saturday of each month. All
proceeds will benefit Antenna Gallery."

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So, mittlerweile gibt´s auch eine Liste derer, die sich an dem Sleep Concert beteiligen. Viele davon kenne ich nicht, außer namentlich Fabio Anile und Richard Lainhart (letzterer wird wahrscheinlich Buchla-Noises beigesteuert haben, könnte ich mir vorstellen):

Hi all,

Ok, So far I have received 86 submissions from people all around the world.
Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to submit music to
Sommeil: A Concert for Sleep. As you might have read in blog entries, for
the concert itself, due to the number of people who have submitted, I will
crediting everyone by name only. Below, you will see the complete list of
names. If I have misspelled your name, and or you prefer to be recognized
by a different name, please let me know asap. If you haven't already seen
it, here is an official press release for the concert


As mentioned in a previous blog entry, when the release of the concert comes
out, I will do my best to credit everyone track by track. In many cases,
tracks were un-named so, and during the concert, I will be choosing tracks
sometimes at random for remix during the course of the night, so I have
decided to credit people for the concert by name only since it is impossible
for me to know exactly what track I will be using during the course of the

I will be publishing this list of names on my blog in the next two weeks
sometime before the concert so please get back to me with any corrections.
Also, in the next two weeks I will be publishing interviews with Robert
Rich, one of the curators of Antenna Gallery and Chika, the video artist. I
will send bulk emails letting everyone know of these interviews.

When I publish the list of names, feel free to add your bio and web address
to the page in the comment section. Again, thank you to everyone who put
links to my blog on their own blog or website. This has increased my
traffic substantially. So please continue to help me out by spreading the
world about the concert and my blog :)

I have really enjoyed getting in touch with each of you and some of you have
become great friends in the course of this sleep journey. Thanks again and
more soon

check out the latest @ http://tannermenard.archaichorizon.com/

Ben Owen Andrew Dalio Nicholas Szczepanik Antonio Della Marina Jay
Hixson Tony Obr Holland Hopson Olivier Nijs Samuel Andre Adam
Pacione Mik
Pole Taishi Kamiya Matthew Kemp Diemo Schwarz Matt Griffin
i8u Richard
Kemp Stefanie L Ku Garland Villanova Oliver Stummer Raimund
Maessen Harry
Towell Sean Monaghan Kala Pierson Emily Steigerwald Phillip
Klampe Layden
Bryant Brian Kline Coin Gutter Tomorrow's Man Douglas Arney
Pilote John
Watson Arran Boom Clint Sand Mike Mc Morris Fabio Anile Elika Emmanuel
Mieville Xorin Noize Emil Matko Anthony SABA Jay Downs Danielle-Robyn
Farah Nico Bally Ian Hawgood Mathieu Ruhlmann Entia Non Scott
M2 Nicholas
Gish Christopher Horgan Phillip Wilkerson Stephen Spera Jonas
Ruchenhever Chad Viator Jeff Betchel Daniel del Rio Jeremy Bible +
Jason Henry Jen-Kuang Chang Will Hitz Osvaldo Cibils Christopher
Hipgrave Brian Ruskin Mike Carss Nigel Samways Anders
Östberg Marcel
Gherman Matt Craque Antonio Della Marina Yard David Mansbach Stephen
Parsick Mario Sarramián Liduino Pitombeira Spectra Ciera Marinos
Koutsomichalis Martin Franklin Meri von KleinSmid Brandon
Tallent Transparent
Abelard Steve Curtin Jeph Jerman Daniel Lercher Richard Lainhart JM
Charcot Lori Beckstead

Danke für´s Lesen,



Hier wieder ein paar Neuigkeiten; u. a. sind ein paar Interviews mit den Verantwortlichen der Galerie in New Orleans geführt sowie ein Videodemo ergänzt worden, um einen Eindruck dessen zu geben, was da nachts zusätzlich zur Musik ablaufen wird:

" hi all

i am happy to publish this following interview with video artist chika


she was kind enough to produce a video for Sommeil

there is a sneak peak to the video at the link above

and shes a super cool character so check out the interview

by clicking on the hyperlink at the top of the page

thanks again for all your support over the last months guys

more to come this week"

Demnächst folgt noch ein Interview mit Robert Rich.

Danke für´s Lesen,



Das Audiointerview mit Robert Rich ist nun auch abrufbar:

"it is an audio interview with robert rich the originator of the sleep concert idea.


click on the hyperlink at the top of the page to get to the interview

i have presented my questions in written form, but his answers stand alone as audio files

i hope you enjoy and learn from this wonderfully intellectual man about how the idea of the

sleep concert came to be, his synthesis techniques for creating sleep environments and

what audiences can expect at sleep concerts. i hope this interview stands as a model

for artists in the future who wish to use the concept in their own performances.

if you want to hear me talk about sommeil on the radio i will be doing an interview on

wwoz tomorrow at 1 pm central daylight time. http://www.wwoz.org/programs/streams

more soon"

Danke für´s Lesen,



Hallo allerseits,

die Veranstaltung ist ganz gut gelaufen, hier gibt´s etwas mehr an Reaktionen und Bildern:


Wie es scheint, wird das gesamte Konzert nächsten oder übernächsten Monat als Stream ins Netz gestellt. Sobald es da etwas mehr an Info gibt, werde ich mich nochmal melden.

Danke für´s Lesen,