25.05.2019 - Münster - Geräuschweltenfestival Teil2

Stan Pete
Stan Pete
Blackbox Achtermannstraße 12, 48143 Münster

Anne Gillis (F)

Thighpaulsandra (GB)

Anthony Pateras (AUS)

Jerome Noetinger (F)

„Geräuschwelten“ wirft ein Schlaglicht auf eine internationale Szene, die sich irgendwo zwischen musique concrete und Industrial Music bewegt und eine eigene Geräuschästhetik hervorgebracht hat.
Das „Geräuschwelten“ Festival wird vom Kölner Label aufabwegen veranstaltet und in Kooperation mit cuba cultur und dem Kulturradio WDR 3 produziert. Der Westdeutsche Rundfunk schneidet alle Konzerte live mit und sendet Ausschnitte und Künstlerinterviews in zwei zweistündigen Sendungen. WDR 3 open sounds:
Die Mitschnitte des heutigen Abends werden am 28.September 22.04 h gesendet. Moderation: Raphael Smarzoch

Anne Gillis (F)
I dedicated my sound artist work, to curves, volutes, roundnesses, undulations, rolling-ups, rotations,
as for example in “Zophrétastha", performance for wheelchair.
“Psaoarhtelle" is a new variation for roundings, intimist, strange and familiar at the same time I explore the circular friction of the ambient air, the curves there bruissantes of auspicious signs, the soundroundnesses of projected shadows through their materials, and many other progresses.
Anne Gillis, also known as Manon Anne Gillis, is a visual artist, composer and performer. She first started under the name Devil's Picnic - more synth based and less concrète than followed works. Her music consists of usually short tracks build from looped sound samples originated mostly from found objects and, prominently, her own voice purring, hushing, and growling. There is an animal and primitive quality to her sound palette, her concrete music being made of closely miked bodily sound samples, but also because of the elementary means of composing she uses: only brief instruments, simple loops of admittedly elaborated sounds.

Born in Pontypridd, South Wales into an exceptionally musical family, Thighpaulsandra developed
an early interest in modern classical and electronic music. Whilst still in school he formed an avant-garde rock group incorporating influences from his admiration for Cage and Stockhausen.
Julian Cope, who after discovering Thighpaulsandra’s shared appreciation of Krautrock and electronics invited him to become the keyboard player in his group. They recorded many albums together between 1994 and 2002 including ‘Autogeddon’ and ‘Interpreter’. During Thighpaulsandra’s tenure with Cope he garnered the attention of John Balance from Coil who, after an introduction via Thighpaulsandra’s management, became a great friend. Thighpaulsandra was eventually asked to join Coil leading to a creative renaissance in the group's career, he was elemental in convincing the notoriously hermetic Coil to perform live. He contributed to all major Coil albums from 1999's ‘Astral Disaster’ to ‘Colour Sound Oblivion’ in 2010, a retrospective live DVD set, released after Balance's untimely death in 2004. His influence is especially poignant on fan-favourites „Musick to play in the Dark Vol 1 and 2“. From 1997 to 2008 Thighpaulsandra also performed as keyboard player in Spiritualized. In recent years Thighpaulsandra worked with artists like Cyclobe former Cocteau Twin Elizabeth Fraser or Wire performing in the UK and Europe.
Thighpaulsandra started to release his own music in 2000. The initial ‘Some Head Ep’ to which Balance contributed vocals was followed with series of albums. Inspired by the stripped-down solo shows Thighpaulsandra had been been performing since 2015 his new album ‘Practical Electronics with Thighpaulsandra’ was released by Editions Mego in March 2019.

Anthony Pateras
Anthony Pateras is an Australian composer/performer whose current work focuses on electro-acoustic orchestration, temporal hallucination and sound phenomena. Pateras has created over 75 works, receiving performances from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Australian Chamber Orchestra and BBC Symphony, commissions from the GRM, Slagwerk Den Haag and Südwestrundfunk Baden-Baden, residencies from ZKM, Akademie Schloss Solitude and numerous fellowships. He has released over 40 albums including collaborations with Mike Patton, Chris Abrahams and Valerio Tricoli, guested on records by Oren Ambarchi, Sunn O))) and Fennesz, as well as working in film with director Pia Borg, producer François Tetaz and literary critic Sylvère Lotringer. Aside from solo concerts, Pateras currently performs with eRikm, Jérôme Noetinger and North of North.
THIS AIN’T MY FIRST RODEO is a project that explores the psycho-acoustic interactions between two synthesizers in quadraphonic settings. Ornamenting the synthesizer fabric are materials generated and mutated by 1/4 inch tape delay. These elements fuse to heighten the production of sound phenomena and third-ear emissions. Pateras thus creates sound textures with infinite folds allowing an immersive listening, applying his knowledge in the field of electroacoustic and spectral music, his research on physical and acoustic phenomena and the exploration of sound and its mutation — XING
"THIS AIN"T MY FIRST RODEO was commissioned by the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund in partnership with the Australian Music Centre".

Jérôme Noetinger
"In my live work, I want to always remember that sound is only a vibration of the air. I try to build some kind of sound environment or sound architecture with different strategies".
Born April 1966, in Marseille, Jérôme Noetinger discovered experimental music under the influence of the Déficit Des Années Antérieures in Caen.
Composer/improviser/sound artist working with electroacoustic devices. Composing sometimes musique concrete in the studio, and performing improvised music using electroacoustic devices such as: the reel to reel tape recorder Revox B77 and magnetic tape, analogue synthesisers, mixing desks, speakers, microphones, various electronic household objects and home-made electronica. Performing both solo and in ensembles, and collaborating often, and touring extensively internationally.
Active in the international music network since 1984 working with music, dance, films and painting.
Jerome Noetinger is a member of many international ensembles, groups and projects an collaborated with a wide range of artists from different fields. To name a few:
Cellule d'Intervention Metamkine, Lionel Marchetti, Sophie Agnel, Voice Crack, Andrea Neumann, Axel Dörner, Nmperign, MIMEO (Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra, with Keith Rowe, Phil Durrant, Christian Fennesz, Cor Fuhler, Thomas Lehn, Kaffe Matthews, Gert-Jan Prins, Peter Rehberg, Keith Rowe, Marcus Schmickler, Rafael Toral), Quintet Avant (with Lionel Marchetti, Jean Pallandre, Marc Pichelin, Laurent Sassi), Michel Chion, Keith Rowe, Ensemble Ictus.
Participation on over 100 releases on international labels.

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