28.2. Frankfurt Ono2 Mille Plateaux Night /w T.Köner/A.Szepanski/S.Kärcher/...



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    Freitag, 28. Februar 2020 von 20:00 bis 01:00

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    Walter-Kolb-Straße 16, 60594 Frankfurt am Main


THOMAS KÖNER • [URL='http://www.thomaskoner.com']www.thomaskoner.com[/URL][/B] [B]"MOTUS" Mille Plateaux Record Release Party mit Konzert THOMAS KÖNER [/B] [B] [/B] [B][ATTACH type="full" alt="MOTUS ULTRABLACK POSTER"]67235[/ATTACH] [/B] [B] [/B] [B] [/B] [B][URL='https://non.copyriot.com/thomas-koener-motus/']https://non.copyriot.com/thomas-koener-motus[/URL] [/B] [B][URL]https://forceincmilleplateaux.bandcamp.com/album/motus[/URL] [/B] [B][URL]http://africanpaper.com/2019/12/16/neues-thomas-koner-album-auf-mille-plateaux[/URL] [/B] [B] [/B] [B]Buchpräsentation "ULTRABLACK OF MUSIC" [/B] [B]Mit Lesung Achim Szepanski [Mille Plateaux/Force Inc.][/B] [B][URL='http://non.copyriot.com/']www.non.copyriot.com[/URL] • [URL='http://www.force-inc.org/']www.force-inc.org[/URL][/B] [B] [/B] [B]DJs Gravesano & Bill B. Wintermute [Visuals: Siegfried Kärcher][/B] [B] [/B] [B]Am Freitag 28. Februar 2020 • Einlass ab 20h & Beginn 21h • AK 15€[/B] [B]ONO2 • Walter-Kolb-Straße 16 • 60594 Frankfurt/Main • [URL='http://www.facebook.com/onozwei']www.facebook.com/onozwei[/URL] [/B] [B] [/B] [B] [/B] [B][ATTACH type="full" alt="THOMAS KÖNER"]67237[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full"]67235[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full"]67235[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full"]67236[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full"]67237[/ATTACH][/B] [B] [/B] [B]THOMAS KÖNER [D][/B] [B]"MOTUS" Mille Plateaux Record Release Party mit Konzert THOMAS KÖNER [/B] [B] [/B] [B]Thomas Köner veröffentlicht mit “Motus” ein primär auf analogen Synthies basierendes Werk, das sich mit dem weitgefächerten Thema der emotionalen Wirkung von Sounds befasst. Der Bedeutung des lateinischen Begriffs entsprechend stehen u.a. Aspekte der (Tanz-)Bewegung im Fokus. Das Album erscheint in Februar 2020 bei Mille Plateaux. [African Paper][/B] [B] [/B] [B]“I dream of a dance floor where Motus would be enjoyed. What kind of world, or rather, what kind of society would allow that? And when? Is this futuristic? A situation-to-come, where the understanding of music expands greatly, when blissful moments are independent of simple melodies, where harmony appears beyond I-V-vi-IV chord progressions, when the techniques of social alienation, which determine the use of all the drugs that accompany recreational music, are reversed into creative tools of exploration. ‘Motus’ is part of this exploration: to find dance, free of clock, and groove, free of rhythm. There is pulsation, and the downbeat connects to the downward beings as in stones and minerals, the upbeat connects to the upward beings as in grasses, flowers, trees and stars. Binding both together, connecting sky and earth, is the dancer. The moves / the movement is pure. It is the kiss of spirit and matter.” [Thomas Köner][/B] [B] [/B] [B][I]Motus[/I] is movement, and this movement carries within it the pulsation of the immemorial - the abyss of time by which the unexpected takes shape. Emerging from the future, Thomas Köner’s new sound opus invites us to change, without delay, our perception of the cosmos. “Extension (Attack),” the first piece of [I]Motus[/I], starts the necessary rewriting of our geological unconscious. The skull of “Cogitation (Decay)” delivers the thoughts of carbon dioxide to us at the time of photosynthesis, while “Potential (Sustain)” translates the dream of the plants that oil has extracted and turned into a dark dream, into the Anthropocene’s emanations that “Expression (release)” documents in the manner of a radio disoriented by atomic winds; this is the harsh world of “Oscillator (Luminous),” where some improbable entity - unfinished animal, magnetized matter - speaks to us the language of a white dwarf - and, in “Substance (Suicide),” the one of a pulsar; with “Synthesis (Carnal),” our flesh seeks a new body in the interstellar environment.[I] Motus[/I] communicates to our body the depth of the Earth and the distance from the stars; formerly solar, our bones prepare for their imminent mutation; our skin comes into contact with our organs and rises as the asteroids pass by; with “Substrate (Binaural),” the duality of the world condenses and the blood of the living is superimposed on their minds. The distant is dialectalized at infinite speed in the sound material that Thomas Köner translated for our still too human eardrums. [Frédéric Neyrat][/B] [B] [/B] [B]Thomas Köner (b. 1965 in Bochum, Germany) studied at Musikhochschule Dortmund and CEM Studio Arnhem. He is a distinctive figure in the fields of contemporary music, techno and multimedia art, working across the spheres of composition, visual arts, installation work and music production. For more than three decades his work has been internationally recognised and he excelled in all the areas of his artistic activity, receiving awards such as [I]Golden Nica[/I] Ars Electronica (Linz),[I] Transmediale Award[/I] (Berlin),[I] Best Young Artist at ARCO[/I] (Madrid), and many more. [/B] [B] [/B] [B]His familiarity with both the visual and sonic arts resulted in numerous commissions to create music for silent films for the Auditorium du Musée du Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, and others. Likewise, he created installations for diverse situations for example ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Santiago de Chile, to name a few. His works are part of the collections of significant museums such as Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou Paris, Musée d’art contemporain, Montréal.[/B] [B] [/B] [B] Thomas Köner is continuing his close relationship with sound art by creating radiophonic works for the national Radio in Germany and France (Deutschlandradio Kultur, WDR Studio Akustische Kunst, Radio France), while also working as a live performer and composer and producer. His music compositions from the early 90’s, including albums [I]Permafrost[/I], [I]Nunatak[/I] and[I] Teimo[/I], were considered pioneering in the field of minimal electronic and are still in print (Type label). His current album [I]Novaya Zemlya[/I] was released by Touch. Köner’s acclaimed production skills with his more beat-oriented duo [I]Porter Ricks[/I], whose album [I]Biokinetics[/I] is considered “a classic of techno sound”, resulted in remix commissions for a.o. Trent Reznor’s [I]Nine Inch Nails[/I]. [/B] [B] [/B] [B]His performances and installations are audiovisual meditations that explore our notion of time, memory and location. He invites audiences to enjoy impressions of depth, distance and disappearance, and to fathom the qualities of the space around our limits of perception. [/B] [B] [/B] [B][URL='http://www.thomaskoner.com']www.thomaskoner.com[/URL] [/B] [B][URL='https://non.copyriot.com/thomas-koener-motus/']https://non.copyriot.com/thomas-koener-motus[/URL] [/B] [B][URL]https://forceincmilleplateaux.bandcamp.com/album/motus[/URL] [/B] [B][URL]http://africanpaper.com/2019/12/16/neues-thomas-koner-album-auf-mille-plateaux[/URL] [/B] [B] [/B] [B] [/B] [B][ATTACH type="full" alt="ULTRABLACK OF MUSIC"]67236[/ATTACH] [/B] [B] [/B] [B]Buchpräsentation "ULTRABLACK OF MUSIC" [/B] [B]Mit Lesung Achim Szepanski [Mille Plateaux/Force Inc.][/B] [B] [/B] [B]Achim Szepanski ist Herausgeber des Buchs "Ultrablack of Music", das im Verlag Mille Plateaux/NON erscheint. Er wird Auszüge aus seinem Beitrag lesen, der sich mit Themen wie Derivat und Musik, Non-Musik und Rhythmächte, Sample-Politik, Kulturindustrie und Blackness in der Musik beschäftigt. Nicht zuletzt mit Musik und Zeit: "Wenn non-frequency-politics der Uhr zuhört, hört man nicht das gleichförmige tic - tic, sondern man hört tic - toc - fuck the clock."[/B] [B] [/B] [B][URL='https://non.copyriot.com/ultrablack-of-music-book-compilation-out-in-february-2020-on-mille-plateaux-non/']https://non.copyriot.com/ultrablack-of-music-book-compilation-out-in-february-2020-on-mille-plateaux-non[/URL][/B] [B] [/B] [B][URL='http://non.copyriot.com/']www.non.copyriot.com[/URL] • [URL='http://www.force-inc.org/']www.force-inc.org[/URL] [/B] [/CENTER] [B] [/B]


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