24.05.2019 - Münster - Geräuschweltenfestival Teil1

Stan Pete

Stan Pete

Blackbox Achtermannstraße 12, 48143 Münster

Étant Donnés (F)

Zavolka (UA)

Konrad Kraft (D)

„Geräuschwelten“ wirft ein Schlaglicht auf eine internationale Szene, die sich irgendwo zwischen musique concrete und Industrial Music bewegt und eine eigene Geräuschästhetik hervorgebracht hat.
Das „Geräuschwelten“ Festival wird vom Kölner Label aufabwegen veranstaltet und in Kooperation mit cuba cultur und dem Kulturradio WDR 3 produziert. Der Westdeutsche Rundfunk schneidet alle Konzerte live mit und sendet Ausschnitte und Künstlerinterviews in zwei zweistündigen Sendungen. WDR 3 open sounds:
Die Projkete des heutigen Abends werden am 15. Juni um 22:04 h vorgestellt. Moderation: Raphael Smarzoch.

Étant Donnés (F)
Born in Rabat, Morocco, Eric and Marc Hurtado founded in 1977 the band Etant Donnés that quickly became essential in the field of Performance and Experimental Music, recording approximately 30 albums and counting numerous collaborations with major artists from the international music and cinema scene (Alan Vega, Genesis P.Orridge, Michael Gira, Lydia Lunch, Philippe Grandrieux, Mark Cunningham, Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka ...).
Etant Donnés has participated in prestigious festival and exhibitions such as Documenta in Kassel, The Kitchen in New York, Eurokaz in Zagreb, Sonar in Barcelona, Centre Pompidou, Foundation Cartier, Etrange Festival in Paris, Berlin Atonal, etc ... In 2012 they finished the film “Jajouka, something good comes to you” shot in the village of Jajouka in Morroco and that was acquired for the collection of the MoMA in New York. Between 2015 and 2019 the albums Aurore, Royaume, Re-Up, Offenbarung und Untergang and La vue were re-issue and Le soleil, la mer, le cœur et les étoiles, Le paradis blanc and the 3 vinyls box Unreleased tapes 1977-1979 were released. In 2017 they made their great successfull stage return playing their new show “Flesh back” at Click Festival in Elsinore-Denmark and Tower Transmissions Festival in Dresden, Germany.

Two men - two brothers – standing on each side of an empty stage before a fireball. The sun, like a black hole, vacuums the air from the room. Protesting words … screams. A heartbreaking poem that stands up and turns to face the sky. A sound like a cosmic vibration and electrical flashes of lightning lacerate the eyes and ears ... and yet from the heart of this ultimate violence, a magnetic hand moves forward to carry us… to raise us. There are no more contradictions. That which is opposed, agrees - like the bow and the lyre. Heraclitus, Nietszche, Antonin Artaud-these insane poets who demanded everything from love, life and death… FLESH BACK. A return towards the flesh, towards the deaf memory of the flesh – a spectacle that leaves us lost…regenerated. Covered in a new body, in love.

Zavoloka (UA)

Zavoloka is a stage name of Kateryna Zavoloka - sound artist, composer, performer, sound designer and
graphic designer from Kyiv, Ukraine, now based in Vienna, Austria.
Zavoloka mainly explores digital and analogue synthesis and combines it with recorded herself Ukrainian
ancient folk songs and different instruments. Zavoloka collaborated with Kotra (UA), AGF (DE), Mark Clifford of Seefeel (UK), Feldermelder (CH) and was invited to support as special guest Aphex Twin's (UK) audiovisual rave shows, often works and performs with Laetitia Morais (PT) visual artist, and has taken part in many different cross-genre art projects.
Together with Dmytro Fedorenko Kateryna Zavoloka runs Ukrainian electronic music label KVITNU, where
Zavoloka designed covers for almost every release and supervise visual representation. In 2011 Kvitnu was awarded in three nominations at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 07 and as Best Music Label.
In 2005 Zavoloka was awarded in Digital Music & Sound Art with Prix Ars Electronica for "Plavyna" album.
Zavoloka performs regularly at many different international music festivals, like: Presences Electronique (FR), CTM (DE), MadeiraDig (PT), Unsound New York (USA), Kvitnu Fest (UA), The Morning Line (AT), Rewire (NL) festival and many others.

Konrad Kraft (D)

Konrad Kraft (Detlef Funder) is one of the active producers of Düsseldorf’s fertile electronic music scene
1979 – Purchase of first semi-modular synthesizer.
1982 – Creation of experimental and avantgarde music project “Konrad Kraft“. Various tapes and CDs as well as compilation tracks are published.
1988 – 1994 Co-founder of the Düsseldorf based music label “SDV-Tonträger”. A&R work.
1990 – 2011 Producer of electronic music (experimental, ambient, techno) and work as DJ and live-acts worldwide (“Konrad Kraft”, “Gilgamesch”, “D-Fundation”, “Detson Engineering” & “Four Carry Nuts”).
1992 Dino Oon & Konrad Kraft – “Environmental Studies“ (SDV-Düsseldorf) CD
1996 Konrad Kraft – Alien Atmospheres (Elektro Smog-Frankfurt) CD
2011 Konrad Kraft – Temporary Audio Sculptures (aufabwegen) CD
2016 Konrad Kraft – Quadrat (aufabwegen) LP

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