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  1. This question will be maybe really noobish but...
    I spent alot of money so this is the reason im beeing paranoid:)

    I finally got my Oddy MK III back from service and it works just fine!
    But somehow i realized that on the patch where the model nr and the
    serial nr is: it says 110-130 v.

    Im using it on 240 v since more than 1 week (all together) now and also the people at the shop where i bought it used it on 240....

    So.. if it was 110v it would have been already dead, right?
    Or is there a chance i might still burn it?

    The odyssey reacts normal, everything works,
    not nosy at all..

  2. I guess an previous owner had the power supply modified to be run on 240V.
  3. It would be already Dead if it would be 110 v, right?:)

    DANKE !:)

    Und ich entschulige mich for das ich in Englisch schriebe, mein Deutch ist nich soo gut.:)
  4. Never mind my Slovenian is non-existent :oops: if you happen to speak Serbo-croatian (guess it's a matter of age): Zdravo! However your German is quite good.
    Yes, too much current is of evil :evil: while the other way (110V instead of requiered 220V) won't harm anything even though it won't bring the synth to live either.
  5. Ich habe den Oddy gestern geöffnet und an dem PS is nur eine Serien Nummer,und nicht anderes (keine info von der voltage, kein swtich, kein arp logo... )

    So das ich denke (hoffe) das der PS gehendard wurde.