21. 01.2011 GEEZER live im b-flat Berlin

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    Fresh out of the legendary RAW Revaler Str 99 Berlin


    limited 12" with bonus artowrk by NIARK
    only 400 coloured vinyl for the world!

    Souls United Recordings

    takes off Friday, 21.01.2011, 21h at

    b-flat jazz club Berlin Rosenthaler Str 13

    GEEZER live !

    GEEZER are some of the finest Jazz musicians around !

    Martin Klingeberg - el. trumpet, voice
    Andreas Willers - el. guitar
    Thomy Jordi - el. bass
    Christian Marien - drums

    3 track 12" on the new SOULS UNITED RECORDINGS label
    or download it here: http://geezer.bandcamp.com/

    Finest Kraut / Swamp Jazz from Berlin, Germany.
    A blend of good tastes, ready to be inhaled through your speakers.
    Light it up, bun it up, this is the essence of the soul of jazz !

    A limited edition of 400 vinyls including extra artwork by Niark,
    not just on the cover, but as an additional artwork 30x30cm.
    Printed on wonderful vintage printing paper from former East Germany.
    Frame it and hang it on the wall or leave the record complete and collect it, it's up to you.
    This label starts now, so don't miss the first limited release!

    A true collector's item we'd put all our heart in!

    And you can get all 3 tracks digitally on bandcamp.

    Vinyl sale starts Friday 21.01.2011 on bandcamp and discogs !

    meet you there ...