21.Juni 2018 INM/Frankfurt - Demo + Workshop Deluge by Synthstrom

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  1. dcp

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    Synthstrom Audible bring the Deluge to Frankfurt

    June 21st
    Deluge demo and workshop at Phonophon. 19:00 Uhr
    Institut für neue Medien
    Schmickstraße 18
    60314 Frankfurt

    “Does it do this?…yes it does, and this, and this, and this as well…it’s mental!”
    Nick Batt – Sonicstate.com

    Deluge by Synthstrom Audible is a truly portable, all-in-one, music composition and live performance tool. With a powerful sequencer, built-in subtractive and FM synth engines and feature-rich sampler and deep connectivity, it’s everything you need.

    "The Synthstrom Deluge is a goddamn miracle. I cannot believe how much thought has been put into this device."
    Jeremy Blake – Red Means Recording

    Designed and lovingly manufactured in New Zealand, Deluge has been embraced by critically acclaimed artists like Lindstrom through to being the first musical tool for beginning musicians, finding a home with a multitude of artists across the musical spectrum.

    “I’ve seen a lot of new musical instruments and interfaces over the past few years. This one is something really incredibly special.”
    Andrew Dubber, Director - Music Tech Fest.

    To celebrate the release of the 2.0 software upgrade for the Deluge, Synthstrom Audible are conducting a series of workshops, presentations, demos and live performances through Europe and Australia this June and July.
    For more information, visit https://synthstrom.com
    dest4b und Bernie gefällt das.
  2. dest4b

    dest4b neu hier

    ja da komm ich doch mal .. freut mich das es mit Ian geklappt hat.
    Und wir sehn uns auch mal wieder :)
    dcp gefällt das.
  3. dest4b

    dest4b neu hier

    wer kommt ?
  4. Bernie

    Bernie ||||||||||||||||||||||

    Ich habe es fest vor.
  5. dest4b

    dest4b neu hier

    Bernie gefällt das.
  6. Dieser moosiqpipl wird auch dort sein dem.
    Bernie gefällt das.
  7. dest4b

    dest4b neu hier

    da warn aner wenige da ausm forum. :sad:
    hätte mich gefreut da jemand zu sehn.