50% Discount Codes for "The Annihilator"!

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  1. Hey friends! First post here! I've just put together a retro synth/synthwave compilation which serves as the soundtrack to a fictional 80's action movie called "The Annihilator" and thought you might be interested in it: https://karatekingmusic.bandcamp.com/al ... nnihilator

    I offer 50% discount codes for everyone who writes an email to karatekingmusic (ATT) gmail.com with the subject "sequencer annihilator discount"!

    Story concept:

    To former Green Beret Larry Steele, being a key witness in a murder trial was not just a civic duty. It was also a death sentence.

    Little did he know that his path to righteousness had him cross ways with the powerful Vincenzo family.

    On one fateful day everything was taken away from him. A gang of mobsters came uninvited to the family picnic. They brutally raped and murdered his daughter and wife. They put a bullet in his head. They thought he was dead. They thought they were safe. But they were wrong. Dead wrong…

    Larry Steele - the Annihilator: Risen from the ashes, he embarks on a blood-splattered, relentless killing spree of revenge, going up against the entire Italian mafia. The Annihilator will bust their balls. He will maim, crush, burn, bludgeon and incinerate them. There will be no one left alive when he is done.

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    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6bBo4 ... PJmXY37k8w

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