9.6.2018 Rom LPM Coldcut (UK) & Siegfried Kärcher (Ger)

9.6.2018 Rom LPM Coldcut (UK) & Siegfried Kärcher (Ger)


The nineteenth edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting is from 7th to 10th June in the spaces of Mattatoio in Rome.
LPM 2018 Rome offers the unique opportunity to experience 4 days of audiovisual performances, VJing, workshops, panel discussion, product showcases presented by more then 400 artists, professionals and video passionate from 40 countries presenting over 150 projects who will offer an unrepeatable and unique Event.

Saturday 0.30 CET Coldcut (UK) // 1.00 CET Siegfried Kärcher (GER)


Studio 2 VJ-DJ Sets | 01:00 – 01:30 Saturday 9 June

Siegfried Kärcher will take us to a Journey of the GERMAN CLASSIC EBM/TECHNO SCENE from 197x to 199x.as played at famous Frankfurt Clubs like Technoclub or Omen.

Siegfried Kärcher (*1974) [Force Inc.] {Frankfurt/Germany}

Siegfried Kärcher is an Artist Extraordinaire and known for his creative approaches to Art and Music.

After passsing the Test for the Highly Gifted he studied Free Arts (Painting, Media Arts).

He is a early member of the Computer Scene since Commodore Homecomputers appeared and infected with the Electronic Music Virus since his first dancing steps at Technoclub Dorian Gray Frankfurt Fame.

Nowadays he hosts several underground events like 303 Day or Glitch it! Festival at Institute of New Media Frankfurt.

He performed with Artists like der dritte Raum or Anthony Rother at 33c3.

2017 he made Visuals for Mijk van Dijk at Playground Vienna and was Tour Support for Kebu and Support for Pyrolator of DAF/Atatak/Der Plan among others.

2018 he won the Musikmesse Electronic Beat Battle.

Once a Year he celebrates the Siegfried Kärcher Kunsttage. It’s an Art Festival in an unique old post-cold-war Station called Radom auf der Wasserkuppe near the former German/German Frontier.

Siegfried also hosts his own Audio/Visual Club Night every 3rd Saturday/Month in Berlin at lsb.tv/Maze Mehringdamm 61

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