904-A VCF aus der Schweiz

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  1. moondust

    moondust ......

    habe ich gerade als info bekommen . da gibt einen in tessin der einen filter im eurorack baut
    das hat er geschrieben

    Dear friends of electronic music and modular synth lovers,

    i'm happy to announce a first "very rough" test of the prototype of the forthcoming controlvoltage.org 904-A VCF:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugo7ee_7 ... ng&index=1

    Audio signal is provided by a single Asys RS-95E VCO pulse wave.
    In this first test the prototype is only rough calibrated and assembled with standard components, Alpha pots and selected components will be used in the production version, along with a slightly larger frontplate (14 HP).

    First impressions: the frequency response works as expected, but the resonance levels and response must be further adjusted to match the original, so there's a little more job for my engineer...

    I'll keep you informed about any news.

    Kind regards,