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  1. Hi, I wonder about vocoders and the different number of bands they can have. Would you say that a good vocoder should have as many bands as possible? does many bands mean "cleaner" sound?
  2. Ilanode

    Ilanode ..

    No, "cleaner" is not the term. Every vocoder consists out of 2 units: An analysis device and a synthesis device (the later one can sometimes be used a filter bank as well). The first one analysis the frequency of a given signal while the synthesis section recreates this frequency spectrum on a 2nd signal. Thus you'll hear the 2nd signal with a frequency spectrum corresponding to 1rst signal.

    You'll need a certain number of bands to get the vocoder work properly. How many is debatable. The PAIA vocoder has - to my best knowledge - 8 bands, the Dopefer one 15 and - hence it's name - the MAM VF11 got 11 bands...
  3. Yes I know it consists of those two units but I´ve been thinking of vocoding as something like sampling, where the number of bands was like bits - the more bands, the more "cleaner" sound. And there is vocoders like the Analog Labs X-32 with 32 bands. How does that many bands affect on the sound compared to one with 8 bands?
  4. Moogulator

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    no, there are even Vocoders that have less bands but better sound recognition. so it's a question of which frequencies ae used, the analysis (detection) and synthesis part can be differently sounding plus how to deal with noise and the bandwidth of the BPFs..
  5. Well, I suppose that there´s no disadvantage of having many bands ;-)..and the more advanced and expensive vocoders tends to have that.
  6. Moogulator

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    basically yes, but not necessarly in the practical use..
    a 16 band vocoder from X does not sound as easy to understand as another one.. I even know 32bands, that do not sound as "good" as 16band from another manufacturer.. but of course it is a goof thing to have more bands.. >16 is nice >24 cool, >32 great (mostly more is anly available by software like vokator)..
  7. Ok, so..what qualities should I look for when choosing a good vocoder? Most of them are hard to find, so I don´t have the opportunity to compare them live.
  8. Moogulator

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    hmm, the Quality itself. the bands are ok for first check, but of course a http://www.sequencer.de/syns/korg Korg VC10 does not offer the same sound as the http://www.sequencer.de/syns/roland Roland SVC350..
    Do you want a new one or vintage?
  9. I´m not price susceptible. Both vintage and newer ones are interesting. Club of the Knobs vocoder system is probably the one I´ll go for because I already have some of their modules.
  10. Moogulator

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    if you go for a modular solution it isn't bad, optically..
    if you want an external one, how about patching the bands? possible in the upper class league (almost).

    there is the analog lab 32band vocoder , which is a 2U 19" Rack..
  11. Yes, the X-32 catched my interest because of the many bands. Therefore I mentioned it earalier. I have a contact who´s selling one. But, is that patchable? how?
  12. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    it's french, you can get one at schneidersbuero.de
    no, it's not routable.. like most afforable analog vocoders, unfortunately..

    no digital one?
  13. Hehe, it´s not patchable, it´s french! :lol:

    Digital...it depends on what advantages it is with a digital.
  14. Anonymous

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    No, not anymore.

    Analog Lab seems to be gone. :sad:
  15. If you go for digital: Check out the eiosis plug in.

    If money is no concern: Go analog ;-)