death machine - [industrial electro]

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  1. kulten

    kulten .

    After a global nuclear accident, the world gouvernemnt sets up " death machines " to help the population which is slowly dying in the radioactive dust.

    To abbreviate your sufferings, enter one " death machine ", press on the button, and your body is destroyed, then recycled, without polluting scrap.

    if the link is broken for 24 hours (too much downloads) try this link :

    informations :

    - 8,9 Mo
    - 5 min.35
    - made with SYB-3 (pwm sound) and SYB-5 (wave shape filter)
  2. Ermac

    Ermac ..

    Ich finde das nicht so gut dass man nur auf dem linken Kanal was hört...
  3. verstaerker

    verstaerker |||||||||

    es ist übrigens der rechte Kanal

    @ kulten: i like the track - but i have a few points to criticise:

    only sound in the right channel !?
    the track misses some additional elements (maybe some drums?)
  4. kulten

    kulten .

    oooooops ! :shock:

    I recorded mono but forgot one channel...

    it's update.


    so : the drumbox is behind, but very low level, just to run the SYB synths.

    I often use electro beats and wanted to do a track without.

    thanks for reply guys !

    (in english please,... I'm french and I can't speak german...)
  5. Ermac

    Ermac ..

    Only the right channel? I thought it was the left one! I should check the wiring of my mixer and patchbay. :evil:
  6. kulten

    kulten .

    in my headphones it was the LEFT one... but now it works.
  7. Ermac

    Ermac ..

    Thanks! So my studio is working fine while Verstärker has a wrong connection!
  8. um... i cant hear any electro just what i'd call not-so-harsh noise...

    I dont usually dislike noise, but this pretty much annoys me.