Harlem Nights - I have a MOOG! auf Youtube

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  1. New track again.. Got a MOOG now! All synth & fx sounds by my new Realistic Moog MG-1 (1981). Drum sounds as usual by my Electribe SX sampler with improved tubes, Roland TR-808 sounds

    The MG1 settings for the pro-one-ish bass in this track are shown in the flyovers over its controls, at 0'40 and 3'50 min


    Harlem Nights

  2. RetroSound

    RetroSound ||||||||

    awesome! :supi: :nihao:
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Yup! I agree with Retro, awesome! :supi:

    Please more.
  4. Neo

    Neo ..

    uitstekend :)
  5. Stue

    Stue Maschinist

    Very cool, fat bass sound!
  6. weinglas

    weinglas Tube-Noise-Maker

    I like it!
  7. Very nice. I like it!

    dance dance dance
  8. yesss... again very nice, also the MG-1 is a excellent choice for an analog vintage synth!
  9. fab

    fab .

    good fun, old school but catchy (for a synth-only tune :) ) and cool.
  10. very cool! :supi:
  11. Wow, thanks for the comments :nihao:

    Next one coming up shortly :D
  12. I want to have a moog as well. :)
  13. großes kino! ganz toll!!! gefällt mir sehr!
  14. Dimi

    Dimi .

    fuckin' great :!: