Youtube: Harlem Nights - CR78 Essential Synthpop part 2

Harlem Nights

Harlem Nights

Blondie, Visage, Roxy Music, John Foxx... A lot of fun again recreating some fav classic new wave sounds, that were based on the Roland CR-78 drummachine. See part 1 for others

All again recreated by ear, including the C78 patterns. None of the original tracks were sampled. Filmed during recording.

Gear used:
- Korg Electribe SX (CR 78 sounds, Linndrum additional sounds)
- Korg Minikorg 700S (Visage, John Foxx)
- Roland Juno 60 (most pads, strings)
- Roland Juno 106 (most basses)
- Crumar Performer (Roxy Music strings)
- Boss GX-700 and SE50 (fx)

* Blondie - Heart of Glass
* Visage - Fade to Grey
* Roxy Music - Same Old Scene
* Roxy Music - Dance Away
* Buggles - I am a Camera
* John Foxx - Plaza
* John Foxx - Underpass
* Blondie - Atomic

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