TR909 House Classics (with Analog Synths) - Harlem Nights

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  1. In my drummachine series, here's my take on some 80s house themes, using a real Roland TR909 drummachine, and my analog synths. Samples wouldn't do this machine justice. Loosely recreated by ear, none of the original tracks were sampled. Part 2 coming soon.

    My EP Watch Me Dance @ iTunes:
    For 909 beats check

    - Mr Fingers - Can you feel it
    - S Express - Theme from S Express
    - Mantronix - Bassline
    - Mantronix - Hardcore Hip Hop
    - Confetti's - Sound of C
    - Adamski ft Seal - Killer
    - Inner City - Big Fun
    - Cookie Crew - Rok da House
    - Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love can't turn around
    - Baby Ford - Chikki Chikki Aah Aah
    - Derrick May - Strings of Life (w/o piano)
    - early 90s house track, don't remember title

    - drums: Roland TR909, Electribe SX (add percussion)
    - bass: Sequential Pro One, Roland Juno 60
    - other: Korg Minikorg 700S, Korg Polysix

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    well done. thanks for sharing this.
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    Geil :supi:

    2:23 - love it :banane: