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Harlem Nights
Harlem Nights
Been a while since my last Linndrum, Oberheim DMX, TR-808, CR78 overviews... This time, tributing early house tracks of 1986-1987 era, based on the Roland TR707 drummachine.. As always, all tracks selected and recreated by ear. None of the original tracks were sampled.

All TR-707 & additional TR-727 and TR-808 beats were rebuilt on a Korg Electribe SX sampler (no stock sounds). Basses and some synth parts were loosely remade with my analog synths (see below).

Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up (707, 727; in the original track additional hats, cabasa, toms by Linn 9000)
Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom (707, 727)
Taylor Dayne - Tell it to my Heart (house mix) (707, 808)
Mr Fingers (Larry Heard) - Washing Machine
Rick & Lisa - When you gonna (707, 808)
Jungle Wonz - The Jungle
Wired - To the Beat of the Drum (707, 808)
Marshall Jefferson - Move your Body
Phuture - Your only Friend
Joe Smooth - Promised Land (707, 727)

Similar beats are for sale @ series.

Synthesizers used:
Sequential Prophet VS (pads), Moog Source (most basses), Roland Juno 60 (Mr Fingers, Wired, Phuture), Roland S10 sampler (M1 piano), Korg Polysix (Promised Land), Yamaha DX200 (When you gonna), SCI Pro One (Wired bass)


...i had both of the 7xx-Machines for more than time and i always sold them within some days, cause i thought that it is not possible to make good sounding Tracks with them.
Than i always wonder if i hear stuff like yours or the Track from Soundwave/first Acid-Battle!
It is possible, but i do not know how... :nihao:

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