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  1. Hi all, new member here. I'm from Holland, in my 40s and love synths, both analog and digital. I currently own a MOTM modular (about 22 modules now), an Airbase and DMPro, a Clavia G2x and NordRack2, Waldorf Q, Repeater, MPC4000 and some FX gear. I also play some bass and guitar.

    Here's some of my music, if interested. I wrote it together with Tom, also a member here. http://www.notype.com/nishi/members/monokit.html

    I hope my English is okay here. I can read German pretty well (been exposed to German tv since I was a kid), but I can't write a word of it. Well maybe a couple. ;-) If it's not allowed, that's fine, I'll just go back to lurking mode. Btw, no need to reply in English at all, German is just fine.

    Okay, now my question. I have the Cwejman S1 mk 2 synth high on my lust-list, and atm, if I'd win the lottery, I'd go straight out and get one. My only worry is the sound. I read the SOS review, but that's about it. I never got to listen to it myself, and hope that some of you here actually *did* get the chance to play it. I hear rumours about it being somewhat cold-ish sounding. Is that true? The SOS review only mentioned 'precise' IIRC, not cold or anything.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear about this synth, whatever info is welcome. :)

    - Robert
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    Englisch ist vollkommen ok, aber ich werde auf deutsch antworten, weil es mir leichter fällt. ;-)
    Ich habe den Cwejman auf der letzten Musikmesse gehört. Er ist wirklich sehr eigenständig im Klang.
    "Präzise" trifft es ganz gut. Ich würde aber auch das "kalt" unterschreiben. Der M5 (der direkt daneben stand) klang sehr viel wärmer.
    Ohne Frage ist der Cwejman ein sehr gutes Gerät - aber mein Geschmack ist er nicht.
    Das ist wirklich kein Qualitätsurteil, sondern nur meine persönliche Sound-Vorliebe. Schneidersbuero ist ganz begeistert von dem Ding:
    http://www.schneidersbuero.de/index.php ... hersteller
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    Ilanode ..

    Hello Robert, if I recall the SOS review correctly they also stated the S1 does whatever you want hence it should be cold, warm...
    I don't own one but know the S1 from Schneiders Büro (local shop here in Berlin): just impressive. It's the fav. synth of one of the staff there and he's a lot to gamble with. If I had the money and were looking for a semi-mod. synth the S1 would be the way to go for me. Regards, Ingo
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  5. Neo

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    Hallo Rob
    Ik heb de S1 een keer gehoord un gezien, maar vor mij is et niets. Volgens mij is de S1 te koud van het geluid un de kleene 3,5mm Inputs lijkt mij wat guidkoop uit te zien. Maar et hangt er van af, welke soort Muziek je will maaken en een beschrijving van en instrument is altijd ook en ding van personlike smaak. Ik hou meer van de "moog like" geluiden of de Oberheims. Heb je keen muziekwinkel in Nederland met de Cwejman S1, Safesound in Amsterdam misschien ? Anders mot je toch naar Berlin rijden om de Cwejman te hooren.
  6. Hi Jörg, could you please explain what makes a synth 'Präzise' then? I have some trouble imaginating what makes a synth precise. Does that mean it doesn't add all those nice analog extras (distortion, warble, blah blah) that we love so much? Is it more like a DSP synth then?

    I'm quite shocked to hear the M5 is much warmer, since based on the M5 mp3 demos, that's not one of the warmest synths in my book!

    Thanks for the mini review. I'm a little more down to earth now. ;-)

    - Robert
  7. Okay, I have to move house to Berlin, obviously. ;-)
    So you say it *can* be warm. I've never heard of an analog synth that can be tweaked on the character level, like having a 'warmth knob'. I'd like to believe it though!
  8. Cool! Thanks, I'll listen tonite.

    - Robert
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    Ich muss dazu anmerken, dass ich nur erste Eindrücke auf der Messe sammeln konnte. Der Schreiber von SOS oder die Leute bei Schneidersbuero können sich natürlich fundierter zum Cwejman äußern als ich. :!:
    Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich den Cwejman relativ schnell links liegen gelassen habe, weil ich den Eindruck hatte, er klingt weniger lebendig als andere Analoge, und - ja, auch kälter. Nicht wie ein VA, das wäre unfair ;-) dafür hat er viel zu viel Power.
    Gut an ihm sind auch die superschnellen Hüllkurven. Und er hat Charakter.
  10. Cool! Not bad for an Osnabrücker! So you've been watching Dutch tv?

    Anyway, one more vote for the cold side, I see. I have the same kind of preference in an analog synth, so I consider myself warned now. Too bad, since specwise it's a really impressive synth.

    I'll check out those shops when I'm in the neighbourhood, I live nearby the German border, on the other side of Holland.

    - Robert
  11. Moogulator

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    there is a special english section, if you want..

    ok the S1: I already checked one out .. it sounds "modern" it is very cool if it's about clicking and fast env sounds, it does not sound bad, it sounds quite "noble"..
    bit compared to your motm it will sound a bit - there was a review in "keyboards" (german mag) from m. fuchs ..

    the demos on the site are all.. (sorry) not that cool..
    if you are searching for moog/arp style of basses the s1 isn't the best choice,.. but it is another interesting own sound.. well, call that it has balls.. especially for percussive sounds.. if I had the money I'd go for it for fine very very fast percussive sounds.. and more the bizarre kind of sounds, also for leads and "new" sounding stuff.. so..

    sorry for no dutch..
    there is not much chance for listening to a S1 exept at schneidersbüro / berlin / Alexanderplatz 5 (thats a cool address!!) ;-)
    but if you go there let him know .. it's not one of these shops that always have everything in stock.. but andreas schneider is a real nice guy..

    hmm.. quite far away for a demo.. maybe they also show it on the Musikmesse Frankfurt next week..

    there is no shop I know of that are able to show the S1 or S2..
    in fact is is rare and sometimes you cannot even order one..

    if you like "new school" kind of music the s1 is a good choice, if you want it more "moog" it may not be the first choice ... coldish is not a bad description.. imo it is very far from the typical US-analog-sound.. but I am really sure it is worth a look...

    robert? hmm. looks like I know your name from some mailing lists or some gear talk??

    imo the s1 could be a nice addition to your sound..
    but of course I am not really able to tell you if that is what you really want..
    the s1 is some sort of the nord modular of the analog world.. (do not kill me for this!) ;-)
  12. Ilanode

    Ilanode ..

    Actually the S1 has a switch to select btn warm, normal and freezin' cold mode! But it's very tiny, thus often overlooked... ;-)
    The flexibility should be due to 7 waveforms and the 2 filters, I guess. However, I just had a glance through the SOS review: It should be capable of ARP 2006-ish and Moog Modular-ish sounds... Mind you, that's not what we were trying on the S1 at the Büro but Gordon Reid should know what he's writing...
    Personally, I think huge synths a disgusting sight otherwise I would prob. recommend the M5, also. This one is definately not cold. I would call it sound earthen as if it would have been made from wood and clay. And surely it can resemble a tank, too. It is definately a fascinating synth.
    Regards, Ingo
  13. Moogulator

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    right, but imo it is still different from the arp/moog sounds.. and: thats not a bad thing.. it's just different.. maybe like this: the s1 is like moog and yamaha CS .. (no , it does not sound like cs or moog.. but anyway it does not sound "thin" all the way..)

    well, it is sometimes hard to explain how sounds are.. in words.. but one thing : forget about those demos on the cwejman site, they are far below what the s1 can do..

    warm switch? you forgot about the "phat intensity" slider on the back? ;-) *G*
  14. Je bent welkom op de duitse Synth-Forum ;-) Voor mij je kunt ook op nederlands schrijven...
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    Rob! Welcome!

    Vorsicht mit dem Wagen!

    And don´t mention you know what. Second worldwar and shit...


    :geige: :floet: :snorre:


  16. Tommie!!! :)
    Hey, you took my name! ;P

    I didn't mention the WAR at all. :shock: ;-)
  17. I'm a big sucker for snappy EGs and percussive synth sounds. That's one of the reasons why I drool over this synth. The half-modular architecture and the tons of features are some other ones. Making percussive and bizarre sounds sure sounds like me. :) But if the sound is too fuzzy/bright/busy all the time, it's a LOT of cash...

    That would be a good reason to go there, hmm. Nah, it's probably too noisy to learn anything from it. Berlin would be nice, but wow, what a trip. I think I've actually been there, on Alexanderplatz, on a school trip, some 300 years ago. Checkpoint Charly and all that. ;-)

    It's also hard to find info. This thread has the most S1 info I've ever seen!

    Okay, I'll keep an open mind then. I guess it depends on how extreme the S1's character is to make it useful enough. But those snappy EGs ARE tempting like hell. Oh wait, I need the cash, lol.

    Maybe the andromeda list? Or maybe we had some andromeda talk before I got it? I sold it recently, btw.

    Ah, that could be a very nice description. An analog NordMod, hmm, I get the sound picture somewhat.

    Thanks for the info![/img]
  18. Gotta go now guys. I'll read/answer the other posts later tonite. Like I said, I've never seen so much S1 stuff in one thread. :)
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    Then you should also have a look at the Anyware Instruments SEMTEX XL:
  20. Moogulator

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    there are quite a lot S1 threads , atm there is one about the modules by Cwejman and some older ones..

    most will be found in modular or analog or course or the search button "cwejman" is quite often used here .. it def'ly is a very cool synthesizer.. for me it was one of the coolest items on the last messe!! when I met "smoo" I told him very happy "hey, you need to check that s1 , the envs are soooo fast".. in fact it is faster than http://www.sequencer.de/roland/roland_jupiter_promars.html Jupiter 4 , the only synth that can compete with it are the http://www.sequencer.de/syns/moog Moog modular envs and http://www.sequencer.de/syns/anyware Semtex along with promars / http://www.sequencer.de/roland/roland_jupiter_promars.html Jupiter 4

    about the sound: it will be hard to explain , how it really sounds.. even the filters sound a lot different from other synths.. you can also do fat sounds, so don't get me wrong on this.. but it'S more like "do not use it as a moog replacement".
  21. Anonymous

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    Well then i won´t mention GOUDA at all. :lol:

    Seems S1 is tougher than you thought. Guess you have to make a trip to Frankfurt next week. Maybe Boele goes?
  22. Moogulator

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    you forgot tulips and windmills! and: drugs!
    boele is well known, so do not think this is an insider ;-) *G*
  23. tomcat

    tomcat ..

    And the Sunsyn Envs. 0.75 ;-)
  24. Moogulator

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    which are also analog.. but the sunsyn isnt semimodular..
  25. tomcat

    tomcat ..

    True. Was just a add on to your comparsion of envs speeds in analog synths ;-)

    Im still surprised what sounds the S1 can make. So i dont compare it to other synths cause of its own sound (the s1 doesnt claim to be a moog, cem or whatever). The cwejman is a very precise synth like said. When i edit some bass sounds in the waveeditor im still surprised how exact they are. Maybe this is exactly the "lack of warmness" some people complain. And its also very tuning stable. When i work on a track and i continue after two days the sound still sounds the same.
  26. Moogulator

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    true, thats one of the good things , btw : they are analog in the sunsyn ;-)

    I agree with you about the s1's sound.. thats why I posted it's not a moog or arp but it is also no CS or something but it compares to moog like the CS synths do.. DIFFERENT, but not cooler or worse but different ;-)

    it's todays technology.. think of all those caps and stuff, they are much more prcise these days..

    ha, woulld be funny if someone opens his S1 in 10 years and finds a DSP inside ;-) *G* .. just a joke ..
  27. Neo

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    Nee Rob, ik kijk net so veel na Televisie, maar ik heb in de tachtiger jaren in Amsterdam geleeft. Maar spreken is beeter dan schrijfen, jij ziet et zelf :)
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    Cool, der erste dreisprachige Thread im Forum! :mrgreen:
  29. The M5 is definitely an impressive synth, based on the specs and mp3 demos. But boy, it is HUGE! I think it's really too big, too much open space on the front panel. I always thought the MOTM stuff is big, but compared to the M5 it actually looks kinda busy, lol.
  30. Het wordt steeds maffer hier! :)