Juno 60 CHD JU6-KBD Arpeggiator Problem

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  1. Hi Guys,

    im really really sorry for opening another Thread for this question but I've already read the manual (tried to understand anything), read all on google i could find AND asked the guy who installed the CHD JU6-KBD in my Juno 60. The result is, that I cant get the arpeggiator synched with logic clock. It would be so nice if anyone takes the time to explain it to me. I would even donate money just to get the Juno tight. :heul:

    Thanks a lot and all the best
  2. antworten auch gerne in deutsch :D
  3. fanwander

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    First Thing: you have to set the division factor via Sysex. This is described in the manual, but it is not easy. So you may try for the first approach the following sysex-Files:
    http://fa.utfs.org/diy/rolandjuno6/juno_clock_int.syx Sets the clock to internal clock
    http://fa.utfs.org/diy/rolandjuno6/juno_clock_midi.syx Sets the clock to midi clock
    http://fa.utfs.org/diy/rolandjuno6/juno_clock_16th.syx Sets the division factor of MIDI clock to 16th notes

    Second thing (and much uglyer):
    The MIDI-to-clock conversion in the CHD interfaces unfortunately does not reset the division counter on incoming new MIDI start commands. The division counter is reset on the first Note, that you play (or is sent via MIDI). So the arpclock is in tempo-sync (the tempo is right and changes with the tempo of your master), but it is not in beat-sync necessarily :sad:

    I wrote that to Jan from CHD, but he never reacted on the following explanation:
  4. Thank you very much!! I will try it when I'm home today... It's stupid but i think when you have the midi melody in logic and you press play, the first midi note will start the arpeggiator clock in the juno 60 and so its beat matched,too? Maybe i should check the kenton box if it doesn't work for me...

    All the best
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    Remember: MIDI is a serial bus. It will depend on the order of the MIDI events. If logic sends a clock-tick with highest priority and notes with the next priority, then a note will be sent after(!) the fist clock tick, so the arpeggiator will start on the second 96th note. Maybe you have to add a negative delay of -192th to your arpeggiator chords. So the note will be sent before the first clock tick of a bar.
  6. ... I tried to play the juno clock midi and juno clock 16th sysex via sysex librian into the juno 60. but nothing changed. Still internal arpeggiator clock.. Damn:)